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The Picnic Knife Bottle Opener Corkscrew


The Picnic Knife Bottle Opener Corkscrew. Crafted with stainless steel parts and wood handles fitted with brass rivets and of course, equipped with a fold-out corkscrew and a built-in bottle

Horn Bottle Opener


…Each bottle opener is sanded, polished and sealed to ensure durability, longevity and shine. The bottle openers are not dishwasher friendly; rinse them in warm soapy water and dry with…

Apothecary Fireplace Match Stick Bottle


…the moth” in a beautifully written calligraphy design. The bottle has an exclusive strike on bottle design and has a striker strip on the back of the bottle for lighting…

Merino Wool Covered Hot Water Bottle For Baby


Such a comfort, a Covered Hot Water Bottle, to slip into baby’s crib on a chilly night or just to calm your little one. This diminutive size hot water bottle

Lue Brass Paper Knife


The Lue Brass Paper Knife and letter opener with hand crafted blade and partial tang made of solid brass. The tang, fastened with brass rivets to a one piece Rosewood…

The Best New Product Cheese Knife


Most noteworthy, The Best New Product Cheese Knife, designed to be the only knife you’ll need for your next cheese board. The finely sharpened edge cuts cleanly through firm cheeses…

Vin Two Bottle Tote


We trust our two bottle Wine Carrier for balance, good looks, safe carrying. Made of 100% preshrunk white cotton canvas with an inner sleeve to minimize bottle butting. Lovely color…

Mini Match Stick Apothecary Bottle


…the bottle. On the back of the bottles is a striker strip to light your matches without ever having to look for a matchbook again. DIMENSIONS: 4″ x 1.5″ 40…



…the neck of a bottle when functioning as a corkscrew. Quite an attractive tool on your bar or in the kitchen. It’s easily cleaned with soap and water (not dishwasher…

Couleur Fraiche Steak Knife Set


Our cool colored faux mother of pearl Fraiche Knife Set was designed for Claude Dozorme by famous Breton Designer Jacky le Faucheuer and was inspired by his appreciation of antique…

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