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Sarah Swell Short Slim Column Earrings


These Sarah Swell Short Slim Column Earrings have so much movement! Sarah fabricates each pair by hand where each earring is pieced together differently than the other. Using an antique…

Alba Whiskey Decanter, Tall & Short


…in two sizes. HAND ENGRAVED TARTAN PATTERN HEAVY BOTTOMED DIMENSIONS: SHORT– 7.87” HIGH X 6.30” WIDE; TALL- 11.81” HIGH X 4.33” WIDE SHORT 60.87 fl. oz. TALL 50.72 fl. oz….

SUS Gallery Titanium Cups


“Airless” Layer Titanium Cups in Sepia…

Wood-Topped Tea Cups


The simple design on these wood-topped teacups signifies the complexity of our existence. The fern-curl swirls represent hidden possibilities, while the etched lines represent order and decision. From Marcel Artes…

Tower Lamps


…lamp has an innovative dimmer that responds to touch and cleverly cycles through three lighting levels. Each Tower Light comes with a custom designed plug. Available in three sizes: Short,…

Elongated Circle Zebu Horn Earrings


…long, or short. Their weight is super light as is their color. We see them as an important part of your wardrobe, a go-to element you’ll easily select. These handmade…

Pom-Pom Knit Hat


Nothing short of adorable for baby in this hand-knit hat. Warmth and design to suit every baby in your life. MADE FROM 100% ACRYLIC HAND MADE PERFECT GIFT FOR THE…

Large Stem Zero Crystal Red Wine Glass


…glass. The glassmaker uses a special ion-exchange technology called “surface modification.” The ion-exchange process, in short, replaces small ions with large ions, making the glass more resistant against breaks, scratches,…

Home Bar Essentials

…and the stopper has a vintage brass finish. Alba whiskey decanter: This whiskey decanter is available in two sizes, a 60.87-ounce short and a 50.72-ounce tall, which can also be…

Buddha Cone Sculpture


…7.5″ L x 2″ W x 2″ H Luxury table lamp Hand-formed glass rods Solid brass hardware Innovative touch dimmer Three lighting levels Custom designed plug Short, Medium and Tall…

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