Shinbone Alley, off Bleecker and Lafayette Streets in NYC in a neighborhood now known as NoHo is nestled behind the building where our founders, known to us as Harry & Tess, rented their first loft, newly married and recent design school graduates. Their home was a hub for designers, artists, musicians, writers, (among them, soon to be celebrities), bohemian trust funders, impoverished intellectuals and so on.

The alley was imagined by our couple as a quaint strip with café and shopfronts: a place for their designer and maker friends to showcase and a growing audience to meet and shop. Life, work, children eclipsed all that ‘til now with the launch and ever evolving Shinbone Alley e-Marketplace.

Much in the spirit of these musings at that loft, the Shinbone Alley team finds and offers a range of inspired products. More to come…