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If you’ve spent time on the Shinbone Alley website, you know we are committed to finding gifts and products for the home and workspace that you won’t find anywhere else. You also know that our commitment goes beyond uncommon gifts — we search for products that use ethically sourced materials, have timeless/heirloom quality, and, most important for you, our shoppers: We seek practical items that look beautiful and are useful.

The first set of fine art glass vases comes from Germany, and they are made from Czech glass and sculpted wood from Finland. You’ve never seen anything like these stacking vessels from Utopia and Utility. Stacked together, the two- and three-piece vessels make a beautiful art display in any style of decor. Separately, the individual pieces can be used for displaying flowers, serving snacks, or holding a potpourri of items. Because the items are handcrafted from natural materials, the style you receive may vary slightly from what is pictured.

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  • Grey & White ‘Butterfly’ Smoke Raku Vase

    Since every part of this glass art vase is made by hand, no two are alike—meaning you’ll enjoy an original work of art.

    $825.00 more...
  • Opal Blue ‘India’ Glass Art Vase

    This glass vase contains handmade components from Czechia, Finland, and England—bringing the best of European craftsmanship into your home.

    $570.00 more...
  • Red ‘Matisse’ Glass Art Vase

    The stacking parts of this modular glass-and-wood vase add up to a gorgeous, striking whole.

    $250.00 more...
  • Amber ‘Matisse’ Glass Art Vase

    In a rich amber color, this handmade glass vase adds a work of art for any home decor.

    $250.00 more...
  • Brown-Purple ‘Matisse’ Topaz Glass Art Vase

    Inspired by the famous French artist, the Matisse stacking vase incorporates the best of European craftsmanship.

    $250.00 more...
  • Blue ‘Omena’ Glass Art Vase

    This apple-shaped handblown glass vase can be used for candies, for flowers, or just to admire as a piece of art.

    $205.00 more...
  • Orange ‘Paryn’ Opal Amber Glass Art Vase

    Place this pear-shaped glass art vase on a shelf, a counter, or anywhere you’d like—and admire it for years.

    $205.00 more...
  • Little Gems

    A set of Three Little Gems-powerful in their intense color. Offered in 5 color ways.

    $28.00 more...
  • Grey Glass Vase ‘Matisse’ Smoke Stacking Vase

    Earth and water come together in this exquisite stacking vase and bowl set hand made by craftsmen in Europe.

    $250.00 more...
  • India Small Stacking Vessel-Teal Brass

    Made of hand-blown glass, wood and hand-spun brass, this stacking vessel/vase and bowl is not only exquisite but also practical.

    $550.00 more...
  • Bloom Stacking Vessel-Amber Smoke

    This beautiful pair stacks to become a centerpiece; separated, they are a hand-blown glass vessel and handcrafted smoked wood serving bowl.

    $835.00 more...
  • Hand-Blown Glass & Hand-Turned Wood Vase (2 Pieces)

    Our “Bloom” stacking vessel set is made of hand-blown Czech glass and hand-spun wood in Germany.

    $835.00 more...

The next set of fine art glass vases is an eclectic collection from three continents: Asia, Europe and North America.

From Japan comes the Beppu bamboo vase, made from hand-woven bamboo encased in a solid, clear acrylic case. Beppu is a city on the island of Oita, and it is known for its natural hot springs resorts.

From Stockholm, Sweden, comes the Stockholm aquatic vase, an 8-inch tall vessel, bowl or urn made from aluminum and cold enamel. The artist who designed the aquatic vase so named it after the shades of blue that are similar to the coasts of Stockholm.

And from the U.S.A. we bring you a set of three bud vases made from hand-thrown porcelain stoneware and hand painted with designs depicting the spirit animals octopus, fish, and dragon.

Product Features/Benefits: 

  • Hand made (designs may vary slightly from what is pictured in our online catalog)
  • Wash by hand and dry with soft towel or air dry
  • Made from ethically sourced materials
  • Heirloom-quality art glass vases
  • Ideal gifts for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, or any special occasion


How big are the vases?

Check each product description for the sizes. Some of our stacking vessels may be available in a variety of sizes. The collection of three bud vases is the smallest in this collection, while the India stacking set of three vessels is our tallest at over 21 inches.

Do you have ideas showing how the art glasses might be displayed in home decor?

Each of our product pages contains several photographs, showing you how the vases will look on display. For example, the Bloom stacking vessel in amber smoke shows a sprig of pine needles with a single flower. 

Do you have recommendations for caring for the vessels?

Each product’s description will have instructions for care. Most are OK to be cleaned with warm water and a gentle soap and either air dried or dried with a soft towel. Glass is much more tolerant of soaps and cleansers than are the metals and woods, so read each product’s description carefully. 

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