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We’ve packed a lot of ideas on this discovery page because we have so many possibilities for decorating your bookcases and accessorizing your shelves. Remember two rules with home decor: (1) You don’t have to display everything at once; rotate your knickknacks seasonally and (2) Odd number of items look better; display in groups of three, or five.

Decorative Bowls, Vases, Fine Art, & More

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  • Mwangaza Woven Bread Basket

    If you love basket weaving, you’ll love this bread bowl, made by hand by the artisans of Gitarama, Rwanda.

    $56.00 more...
  • Ceramic Electric Blue Guinea Fowl w/ White Spots

    Looking for a place to nest: The highly collectible electric blue and white ceramic Guinea fowl from Provence, France. Additional sizes are offered.

    $140.00$182.00 more...
  • Nest Crystal Candy Dish with Lid

    Fill this striking lidded crystal vessel with candies, or set it on a table or shelf for an elegant accent to your home.

    $63.00 more...
  • Ecrin Crystal Container with Lid: Small

    This beautiful crystal container makes for a striking home accent on a shelf or table in your living room, kitchen, or bathroom.

    $72.00 more...
  • Ecrin Crystal Container with Lid: Large

    Use this crystal storage box to keep something precious—or admire it as an accent piece on a shelf or table.

    $119.00 more...
  • Malindi Woven Bowl

    This African basket will add a special touch to your home, whether you hang it on the wall or use it at the table.

    $56.00 more...
  • Kigembe Woven Bowl

    Use this handwoven basket at your table—or hang it on the wall in a striking display.

    $30.00$56.00 more...
  • Luhano Woven Bowl

    On a table or on a wall, this hand-woven African basket stands out in any home.

    $30.00$56.00 more...
  • Giti Woven Bowl

    Use this woven bowl around the table or house—or hang it on the wall as a striking home decor accent.

    $30.00 more...
  • Ceramic Electric Blue Guinea Fowl w/ Black Spots

    Handmade, signed, and individually numbered, this ceramic guinea fowl adds a touch of country chic to anyone’s home.

    $140.00$182.00 more...
  • Ceramic Grey Guinea Fowl w/ White Spots

    This gray and white ceramic guinea fowl by La Heidi Caillard makes a great gift for all aesthetics and tastes.

    $164.00 more...
  • Ceramic Lavender Blue Guinea Fowl w/ White Spots

    Start your collection of ceramic bird sculptures with this guinea fowl by La Pintade Caillard, in a lovely blue-and-white pattern.

    $164.00$182.00 more...
  • Ceramic Red Guinea Fowl w/ White Spots

    This adorable, collectible ceramic guinea fowl sculptures were made by hand in Lussan, France.

    $140.00$182.00 more...
  • Mwangaza Lidded Woven Basket

    Basket weavers from Rwanda created this beautiful design, a colorful home accent.

    $32.00 more...
  • Kabaya Woven Bread Basket

    Discover a hand-woven bread basket that is as practical as it is beautiful.

    $56.00 more...
  • Nshili Woven Bread Basket

    Use this beautiful bread basket at your table—or hang it on the wall, like a work of art.

    $56.00 more...
  • Gatonde X-Large Woven Bowl

    Using all-natural fibers like sisal and sweetgrass, female artisans in Rwanda wove this basket bowl by hand.

    $108.00 more...
  • Chwele Woven Bowl

    Made in Rwanda by female artisans, this 12″ diameter woven bowl is a fine example of African basket weaving.

    $56.00 more...
  • Ruhango Woven Bowl

    Hang this handmade 12″ diameter African woven bowl on your wall for an original and striking art-like display.

    $30.00$56.00 more...
  • Munini Woven Bowl

    Made by artisans in Rwanda, this 12″ diameter woven basket is ideal as a table accent , bookshelf accessory or wall decor.

    $56.00 more...
  • Kabaya Woven Bowl

    Made by Rwandan artisans from all-natural sisal fibers and sweetgrass, this 12″diameter woven bowl makes a striking gift.

    $56.00 more...
  • Rususa Small Woven Bowl

    This beautiful 7″ diameter woven bowl is a striking example of the skill of Rwanda basket weavers.

    $30.00 more...
  • Maraba Mini Lidded Woven Basket

    Use this lidded basket to store items in the kitchen or bathroom—or display it on a table like a work of art.

    $32.00 more...
  • Nyagatare Woven Bowl

    This hand-woven basket features a strikingly minimalist pattern that makes it an appealing gift for anyone.

    $56.00 more...

Product Features/Benefits

  • Unique artisan-made products
  • Most often handmade sourced from quality products
  • Heirloom-quality and timeless
  • Adaptable to a variety of decor styles


Why display anything but books on bookcases?

What you display on bookshelves is a matter of personal taste, but our design team likes to mix things up by adding artwork, sculpture and knick knacks to break up the busy display of many books. The items we’ve included here could be used for a variety of rooms — living room shelves decor or home office bookshelf decor.

What advice do you have for choosing what and where to display bookshelf decor?

We love this question! We have three pieces of advice for choosing what and where to display your knick knacks and home decor accessories. First, you don’t have to display everything all at once; rotate your art seasonally (we know this is more of a time commitment than many people want to make). Second, display items in odd numbers; for some reason, the human eye appreciates displays of 1, 3, 5, etc. Third, group your decor by themes, whether it’s materials, colors, shapes, sizes, or whatever your items have in common. 

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