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Remember holidays and family gatherings at Grandma’s house, when she’d have you get out the step stool and fish out her serving trays shoved high above the ‘fridge in the cupboard no one uses? Yeah, that’s not what our collection of serving trays are. These are meant to be used and displayed, another great example of Shinbone Alley’s commitment to products that marry beauty and utility.

From sleek ceramic to unique Ankole cow horn, these trays are made from a variety of quality materials. Whether your style is deep leather or bold motifs on a neutral background, this collection has something for everyone.

One of the highlights of this artistic collection is that many of the pieces are inspired by the lifestyles and cultures of the areas from which the materials are sourced. Local cultures from Uganda, Japan, and Peru are represented here in designs that capture elegance, beauty, and functionality. The artistic talent married to quality materials brings each piece alive. For something unique check out the leather hair on hide tray with a microsude bottom made exclusively for Shinbone Alley.

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    Horse Serving Platter

    This oversize serving platter is big enough to serve every guest at your summer gatherings.

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    Hair On Hide Square Tray

    The hair-on hide leather serving tray comes is 18” x 18” and is perfect for serving beverages, snacks or protecting your furniture.

    $56.00 more...
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    Ceramic Serving Tray No. Nine Hundred Fifty-Four, Small

    Versatility, simplicity, and functionality at its best.

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    Hair On Hide / Black Leather Tray, 2 Sizes

    These hair-on hide with black leather interior trays comes in two sizes and is perfect for serving beverages, snacks or protecting your furniture.

    $56.00$61.25 more...
  • Blue Leather Square Tray

    Add a touch of luxury to any home or office decor with this genuine leather square serving tray in a deep matte blue finish.

    $43.75$87.50 more...
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    Octopus Serving Platter

    You can serve more than just seafood on this oversize melamine platter, ideal for large groups and summer dinners.

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    Lobster Serving Platter

    An ideal host gift for beach-house guests, this melamine lobster serving tray is fun—and dishwasher-safe, too.

    $36.75 more...
  • Hammered Tray with Shagreen Handles

    Stainless Steel Tray with Shagreen Handles

    $87.50 more...
  • Buni Tray (Dark)

    Eye catching tray made from genuine East African Ankole cattle horn.

    $18.90$33.75 more...

Shinbone Alley is a top provider of the most stylish, unique goods for your home and lifestyle.

Each piece in this collection is a source of pride to offer as part of Shinbone Alley’s artisanal gift selections. You won’t be disappointed in the beauty, quality and utility of these pieces.

Product Features/Benefits

  • Perfect for ottomans, coffee tables, dressers, etc.
  • Most trays in the collection are dishwasher safe — check individual product listings for care and cleaning.
  • Design marries beauty with utility


Are these pieces handmade?

See individual listings for each item; many are handmade, but not all.

What are the shipping costs?

Shinbone Alley offers free standard shipping in the continental US on all orders over $50.

If this tray doesn’t match my decor the way I thought it would, can I return it?

All purchases can be returned within 30 days at no cost to you.

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