Decorative Designer Vases and Jars For Flowers and Tabletop

A vase doesn’t have to be just a vase. We’ve searched the world to bring you beautiful and functional vases, vessels and jars. Browse our collection and find something for any style decor. They make great gifts for housewarming, wedding, new beginnings and “just because.”

You will find that some of the vases in our collection of designer vessels can double as serving pieces or decorative room accents — very practical! Others from our special collection have more esoteric features, such the bud vases from Marcel Artes Deolazo that depict spirit animals. We also have two very special designs made by artists who reuse nature’s gifts to create gorgeous pieces of art that stand on their own, or with your favorite arrangement.

Shinbone Alley seeks to find one-of-a-kind gifts for you or the people on your gift lists, sourced from the world’s most talented and earth-friendly artists, craftspeople, and designers.

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  • Ceramic Blue Taper Vase (S, M, L)

    The blue-and-white trio of handmade taper vases in ceramic looks beautiful together or each on its own.

    $45.00$75.00 more...
  • Ceramic Black and White Vases (3 sizes) 

    Sold individually but intended to display together, this trio of ceramic vases comes to you from artists in Africa who are committed to sustainability.

    $45.00$85.00 more...
  • Green Crocodile Cylinder Vase 

    Made from Nguni cowhide, this metal-covered vase begins its journey in Africa, where it’s made using time-honored techniques.

    $190.00 more...
  • Little Gems

    A set of Three Little Gems-powerful in their intense color. Offered in 5 color ways.

    $28.00 more...
  • Wood Stamped Vase with Bronze Accent

    Intricate Wood Relief Stamped Porcelain Vase

    $110.00 more...
  • Bud Vases by Marcel Artes Deolazo

    Elevate your home decor with these elegant bud vases featuring spirit animals.

    $140.00 more...
  • Grey Glass Vase ‘Matisse’ Smoke Stacking Vase

    Earth and water come together in this exquisite stacking vase and bowl set hand made by craftsmen in Europe.

    $250.00 more...
  • India Small Stacking Vessel-Teal Brass

    Made of hand-blown glass, wood and hand-spun brass, this stacking vessel/vase and bowl is not only exquisite but also practical.

    $550.00 more...
  • Bloom Stacking Vessel-Amber Smoke

    This beautiful pair stacks to become a centerpiece; separated, they are a hand-blown glass vessel and handcrafted smoked wood serving bowl.

    $835.00 more...
  • Hand-Blown Glass & Hand-Turned Wood Vase (2 Pieces)

    Our “Bloom” stacking vessel set is made of hand-blown Czech glass and hand-spun wood in Germany.

    $835.00 more...
  • India Large Stacking Vase

    Together the pieces of this stacking vase display as an exquisite sculpture; separated they become practical vessels for flowers, food or whatever you need to hold.

    $1,100.00 more...
  • Jean George Bud Vase

    These unique and one of a kind bud vases make for a very special gift.

    $28.00 more...
  • Dark Hued Handmade Wood Wenge Vase

    A dark and darkly veined handmade exotic wood Wenge Vase

    $80.00$120.00 more...
  • Exotic Bocote Wood Vase

    Stunning Beauty in The Grain of The Bocote Wood Vase

    $120.00 more...
  • Handmade Burl Wood Vase

    Maple Wood Vase from Burl of Big Leaf Maple Tree

    $50.00$150.00 more...
  • Canvas Stamped Vase with Bronze Accent

    Canvas Textured Vase with Bronze Accent

    $96.00 more...
  • Stockholm Vase – Medium

    Stockholm Vase – Medium

    $200.00 more...
  • Sitting Hare Handed Jug

    A gorgeous addition to any room.

    $275.00 more...
  • Suffolk Sheep Handled Jug

    The splendid Suffolk Sheep… A gorgeous addition to any room.

    $275.00 more...
  • Mixed Animal Tall Vase

    An imaginative gift, charmingly rendered, the 4” tall handmade porcelain vase has charmingly rendered hand drawn animals drawn around its base.

    $121.00 more...
  • Medium Hedgehog Vase with 24k Gold Luster Stripes

    Presented for your admiration, a gracefully shaped vase adorned with a hand drawn hedgehog and stripes of 24k gold luster. Luxe look, thoughtful giving.

    $70.00 more...
  • Rabbit Small Vase

    Handmade, covered with 24k gold luster, a precious porcelain vase displaying a small hand painted rabbit. A perfect token of love.

    $60.00 more...
  • Beehive Crock

    Glazed Stoneware Beehive Crock

    $95.00$325.00 more...
  • solid brass vase

    Solid Brass Vase – The Barclay

    Tall, rectangular vase made from solid brass with hand-etched detailing.

    $300.00 more...

Product Features/Benefits

  • Stacking vessels made from glass, brass and wood
  • Vases made from sustainable materials, including bamboo
  • Includes pieces made in the U.S.A. and internationally (Germany, Uganda, Japan)
  • Display beautifully empty or filled with your favorite flora


Do the vases come in different sizes?

Yes. Check the product descriptions for the dimensions of each vase. Keep in mind that because of the handcrafted nature of the vessels, the size may vary slightly, but they will always be within proximity to the size descriptions.

How do I care for and clean the vases?

Each product description comes with care instructions. We generally recommend washing with warm, soapy water and drying immediately; however, check the care instructions for each, as some may need special care.

Do the vases come in gift boxes?

All of our products are delivered to you in cartons that ensure they arrive to you safely. Some of our makers include gift-worthy packaging; check the product descriptions. If they do not, Shinbone Alley’s boxes can be repurposed and wrapped with gift wrap.


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