Handmade Dinnerware: Plates, Bowls & More

You’ve got your everyday dishes that get you through breakfast, lunch and dinner plus unlimited dishwasher cycles. And you’ve got your formal dinnerware that you use once — maybe twice — a year for very special occasions (thanks mom and grandma).

Here’s what you’re missing: Handcrafted dinnerware for those other occasions between daily meals and annual holidays that’s just “this much” nicer than your everyday dishes but not quite as fancy-schmancy as your good china.

Our collection of unique handmade dinnerware can be used for any occasion — romantic candle-lit dinners for two, Sunday brunches with your extended family, and cocktail parties with your closest friends. We’ve chosen plates and bowls that will look stunning on your table made from high-quality and sustainable materials — high-fired porcelain, glazed stoneware, aluminum and enamel, and hardwoods. Stop by and view our chargers, which could nicely complement your everyday dishes and fine china. And don’t miss the Black Creek Mercantile hardwood plates in small and large, which are made from ethically sourced maple wood.

In keeping with Shinbone Alley’s tradition of connecting the world’s finest craftspeople to shoppers like you who seek uncommon household goods, we present this collection of handcrafted plates and bowls. Let us know what time dinner starts; we’ll bring the board games

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  • Mwangaza Lidded Woven Basket

    Basket weavers from Rwanda created this beautiful design, a colorful home accent.

    $32.00 more...
  • Mwangaza Woven Bread Basket

    If you love basket weaving, you’ll love this bread bowl, made by hand by the artisans of Gitarama, Rwanda.

    $56.00 more...
  • Kabaya Woven Bread Basket

    Discover a hand-woven bread basket that is as practical as it is beautiful.

    $56.00 more...
  • Nshili Woven Bread Basket

    Use this beautiful bread basket at your table—or hang it on the wall, like a work of art.

    $56.00 more...
  • Platform No. Two Hundred Fifty Three

    This is it… this is where Montes Doggett flourishes and it’s time to show off. Inspired by a passion to entertain, table settings and food. Let their pieces do the talking.

    $177.50 more...
  • Jean George Midnight Serving Bowl

    Perfect for everyday use, entertaining or as a piece of art, this bowl will enhance your home decor.

    $240.00 more...
  • Handcrafted Charger in White with Gold Luster

    Charger with White Glaze & Gold Edge

    $75.00 more...
  • Handcrafted Dinner Plate in White

    Dinner Plate with White Glaze

    $48.00 more...
  • Handcrafted Salad Plate in White

    Salad Plate with White Glaze

    $36.00 more...
  • Large Handcrafted Serving Bowl

    Large Pinch Bowl with White Glaze

    $200.00 more...
  • Bronze Handmade Square Dessert/Appetizer Plate

    Small Square Stamped Dish with Bronze Glaze

    $18.00 more...
  • White Handmade Square Dessert/Appetizer Plate

    Hand crafted, Small Square Stamped Dish with White Glaze are ideal for appetizers and a wonderful hostess/host gift.

    $18.00 more...
  • Handcrafted Bronze Plates

    Assortment of Plates with Bronze Glaze

    $28.00$75.00 more...
  • Small Handcrafted Pinch Bowl

    Small Pinch Bowl with White Glaze

    $40.00 more...
  • Windrow Berry Bowl

    The perfect bowl for fruit and serving

    $85.00 more...
  • Natural Wood Plates by Black Creek Mercantile

    Plates made from maple wood, sustainably harvested and hand turned – each is its own unique work of art

    $110.00$130.00 more...

Product Features/Benefits

  • Handmade dinner plates, chargers, salad plates and bowls
  • Made from food-safe materials
  • May differ slightly from what is pictured, because each is hand made
  • Sold individually (unless otherwise noted), so you can mix and match


Are the dishes and bowls dishwasher safe?

Most of the dishes and bowls in this collection are dishwasher safe, except for the hardwood bowls and aluminum bowls. Refer to the care instructions for each product. High-fired porcelains, for example, are all dishwasher safe, and we suggest top-rack only.

Do you offer serving platters?

Yes! We take dining to the extreme offering everything you may need to host the perfect occasion. Shop our collection of platters for your favorite appetizers, cooked meats, and more. Check out the White Wood Stamped Platter made from high fired porcelain.

Are the dishes lead-free and food-safe?

They certainly are. We always ensure our makers adhere to safe materials and practices when making their dishware. Shinbone Alley believes in utility and beauty — the plates and bowls in this collection can be beautifully displayed when they’re not in use.


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