Handmade Hardwood Cutting Boards

Hardwood cutting boards are superior to all the other options on the market including plastic, glass, and rubber. It is important to consider the toxicity, wood grain, wood hardness, dimensions, and of course aesthetic when shopping for a hardwood cutting board. The hard, dense surface provides protection against the knife’s blade, preserving it much longer. Wood is also self-healing, meaning the fibers and grain will close back up on their own.  Knives cut into cutting boards, which can leave areas for bacteria to get caught. Plastic cutting boards, while easier to sanitize, tend to be softer than hardwoods, so they have more areas that collect and trap bacteria.

For this reason, we recommend handmade hardwood cutting boards for your kitchen needs, along with tools to protect, clean and preserve your boards. We also recommend one board for foods that aren’t cooked before they’re eaten (fresh produce, herbs, cheese) and one board for foods that are cooked before eaten (raw fish, seafood, meat).

At Shinbone Alley, we discover high-quality gifts from makers and artisans all over the world. So shop our collection of maple, walnut and other hardwood cutting boards and check out our other top of the line kitchen accessories. We source makers who use the highest quality materials and hand make products for precision and accuracy. You won’t be disappointed with any of the options available.

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  • Paddle Walnut Cutting and Serving Board

    Rare walnut to create by hand a singularly gorgeous paddle serving and cutting board

    $150.00 more...
  • Exotic Paddle Wood Cutting and Serving Board

    Exceptional and exotic handmade paddle wood cutting and serving board

    $140.00$150.00 more...
  • Walnut Cutting and Serving Board

    Cherished walnut rendered as a walnut cutting and serving board

    $110.00 more...
  • Combination Wood Cutting and Serving Board

    Rare and exotic woods artfully assemble to create the combination wood cutting and serving board

    $110.00 more...
  • Walnut Fiddle Bow Bread Knife Set

    Made by Vermont by Old World artisans, a Bread and Bow Set that slices bread as easily as butter.

    $85.00$175.00 more...
  • Bread and Bow Knife Set In Grey

    Modern look to a timeless design for the Bread and Bow Set.

    $85.00$175.00 more...
  • Black Creek Mercantile Maple Cutting Board

    Maple Cutting and Serving Board

    $185.00 more...
  • Double Fisted Maple Cutting Board

    Double Handle Maple Cutting and Serving Board

    $250.00 more...

Hardwood Cutting Board Features

  • Dimensions: Variety of sizes including square, rectangular, single and double handle, and long and narrow.
  • Hardness: All cutting boards featured are made from dense hardwoods such as walnut and maple to provide longevity and protection against knives’ blades.
  • Wood Grain: “Face grain” hardwood cutting boards showcase the full fibers of the wood with long narrow slats joined together. “Edge grain” uses the thicker “edges” of the wood which are a little more durable and prone to warping.
  • Live Edge: Unique natural wood edge cutting boards featuring natural cracks and holes.


What is the best hardwood to use for a cutting board?

Maple is one of the best materials for hardwood cutting boards due to its hardness rating calculated by pounds of force. 

How do you seal and protect a wood cutting board?

It is recommended to use a neutral mineral oil and conditioning cream to seal and preserve your hardwood cutting board. 

Can these cutting boards be used as serving platters or charcuterie boards?

Yes, we offer a variety of sizes to be used as cutting and serving platters. 


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