Hurricane Vase Centerpieces

Hurricane centerpieces are not reserved for only holidays, as you can see in our collection of hurricane lamps, candles, and centerpieces. They are beautiful centerpieces year-round, plus they provide a touch of light to your table or event.

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  • Glass Candle Holder/Vase In ‘Tortoiseshell’

    This exquisite tortoise glass candle holder / vase comes to you from Africa, and it is handmade from recycled industrial glass.

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  • Glass Hurricane Vase in Oxidized Copper 

    The versatile hurricane vase is made from recycled discarded industrial glass and finished in an oxidized-copper glaze.

    $175.00 more...
  • Glass Hurricane Vase in ‘Metal Bubble’ Finish 

    Made from recycled industrial glass, this hurricane vase evokes stories of African safaris, local artists, and sustainability.

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  • Sale!

    Pewter Hurricane Lamp and Centerpiece 

    Pewter Pine Cone Pillar Hurricane Glass Centerpiece

    $830.00 $622.50 more...
  • Leather Hurricane Candle Holder

    Make a bold statement with these glass and blue leather-wrapped hurricane candle holders, a versatile home decor accent.

    $65.00$90.00 more...
  • Citronella Hurricane Candle

    Make any outdoor occasion bug free by using our Citronella Hurricane Candle

    $88.00 more...

Hurricane candles, glasses, and candle holders are tall and cylindrical. Although the word “hurricane” tends to describe the shape (tall and cylindrical), its origins are in its purpose. Hurricane candles, glasses and holders are made to withstand drafts and wind.

Give a hurricane centerpiece as a wedding or housewarming gift without worry about matching their decor. The items in our collection are timeless and go with a variety of design tastes — country farmhouse, urban modern, contemporary and minimalist, shabby chic and more. You can visualize these hurricane centerpieces on virtually any table.

In keeping with Shinbone Alley’s traditions, most of the items in our collection of hurricane centerpieces are handmade using traditional techniques from around the world. We look for items that complement your decor and also add an element of utility.

Product Features/Benefits

  • Artisans made
  • Genuine leather and other high-quality materials
  • Exclusive to Shinbone Alley


Can you use the hurricane for anything other than candles such as incense?

Always check individual product use and care instructions. Many of the items in our collection of hurricane glassware could be used for burning candles and incense, as well as displaying flowers. We even like to see them stand alone as items of home decor. 

What is a hurricane candle holder?

You can probably guess why a candle holder is called a hurricane, and you’d be correct. The tall cylindrical glass is designed to protect the flame from sudden strong drafts. And what is more drafty than a hurricane? A hurricane glass is open at both ends, so it sents atop a candle (or kerosene or oil lamp). Some hurricanes are perfectly cylindrical. Others have a pear-shape curve that is wider at the bottom and more narrow at the top. You will see hurricane glass used for candles, oil lamps, and electrical lamps and light covers. 

How do you remove candle wax from a glass hurricane?

Always defer to the manufacturer’s instructions. Most glass can be soaked in hot water and then rubbed off by hand. In some cases, you might be able to chill or freeze thicker and sturdier glass and gently pick off the hardened wax. We prefer the hot-water soak method, as it is less likely to break or scratch the glass. Never use an open flame to melt the wax; this could burn and stain your hurricane glass.

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