Luxury Backgammon Sets

Board games have been bringing people closer since ancient Mesopotamia. Backgammon, one of the most addictive games, is a well-known game staple. If you are looking for a fun game for two, there’s no better than backgammon. Whether you are competitive or you want to play for leisure, backgammon helps improve cognitive aptitude through critical and strategic thinking.

Breaking out a board game often turns any table into a monstrosity. Keep your living room chic and minimal by checking out our selection of luxury backgammon sets. Don’t let fun and enjoyment take away from your home design. At Shinbone Alley, we discover luxury items and gifts that are not only entertaining for the whole family but also elegant. Check out our wooden, fancy backgammon sets as they are hand-assembled and lacquered by great master craftspeople in Sorrento, Italy.

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  • Leather Hair on Hide Backgammon Set

    Quintessential luxury hair on hide backgammon board game

    $160.00 more...
  • Fur Backgammon Roll W/Leather Dice

    Take your game on the road or in small spaces with this portable, roll-up backgammon set made from genuine leather.

    $148.00 more...
  • Roger Backgammon Wooden Game Box

    Carbon Fiber Italian Handmade Roger Backgammon Set

    $1,580.00 $1,264.00 more...
  • Zag Wood Backgammon Set

    Multicolored Italian Handmade Backgammon Set

    $1,580.00 more...

Backgammon Features

  • Full set including playing pieces, die, shakers, and pouch
  • Dual board and carrying case for storage and portability
  • Handmade including hand-carved pieces and hand-painted board and die

Learn more about the rules of backgammon including the setup, movement, bearing off, doubling cube, variants, and more.


What’s the age recommendation for backgammon?

Backgammon is recommended for children 8 years old and up. As they get older and their strategic skills increase, they’ll hone their math skills while playing, as well.

How do I clean my backgammon board?

Best to not use anything besides water and a soft cloth to clean the boards and pieces. We recommend using a wood cleaner on our luxury wood backgammon sets.

What are the backgammon board dimensions?

Dimensions vary. See individual product pages for complete dimensions.


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