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The history and development of chess go back some 1,500 years, and it remains a highly relevant and competitive game. Our collection of luxury chess sets combines iconic architecture of some of the world’s greatest capitals with premium design — New York City, London, Paris, and San Francisco. All playing pieces are cast by hand in a variety of materials — bronze, crushed stone resin, mounded acrylic, to name a few. The boards range from Carrara marble to high-end screen printed wooden boards featuring city maps. All are complete 32-piece chess board sets with beautifully designed presentations and storage boxes. Browse our collection of modern chess sets and find the perfect combination for the competitive chess player or the chest set collector.

Shinbone Alley sources high-end luxury products from some of the most creative artisans across the world. Our goal is to highlight unique makers and artisans and bring their products to those who value handcrafted design.

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  • New York City Chess Set

    Bringing impeccable design to the game of chess. A very special gift!

    $125.00$323.00 more...
  • Premium New York City Metal Chess Set

    Bringing the spectacular New York Skyline to your chessboard.

    $510.00$618.00 more...
  • New York VS London Chess Set

    London’s notable architecture takes on New York City’s skyline.

    $125.00$323.00 more...
  • Premium New York VS London Chess Set

    It’s your move, as NYC goes head to head against London in this skyline special edition metal chess set with two premium board options.

    $510.00$618.00 more...
  • Premium San Francisco Chess Set

    Bring the iconic architecture of the City By The Bay to your chess board

    $510.00$618.00 more...
  • Luxury Paris Chess Set

    New! The beauty of the city of Paris is exemplified in the new Luxury Bronze Chess Set.

    $4,023.00$4,131.00 more...
  • Premium Paris Chess Set

    Made from premium metal and stone resin, this high-end, unique chess set is perfect for the chess-playing Francophile.

    $510.00$618.00 more...
  • London Chess Set

    Check, mate. Celebrate the European capital’s most iconic buildings with the London Special Edition chess set (choice of board available).

    $125.00$323.00 more...
  • Premium London Chess Set

    For the chess-loving Anglophile, our premium metal unique chess set pays homage to London landmarks Big Ben, Canary Wharf and more.

    $510.00$618.00 more...

Modern Metal Chess Set Features

  • High-end bronze, metal, and marble materials
  • Impeccable architectural craftsmanship
  • Storage and presentation box included
  • Doubles as a piece of decor for the home


What is the best way to care for your chess set?

Each chess set has its own set of instructions for cleaning, storage, and care, so refer to the descriptions and additional information. In most cases, you can use a dry dust cloth or a slightly damped cotton cloth to wipe down the board and pieces; dry immediately with a soft cloth.

How do we keep the chess set in good condition?

It’s hard to resist putting these artistic chess sets on display! However, we recommend wiping down and storing the chess sets after each use.

Are these chess sets portable?

Each chess set description includes approximate weight; most are in the range of 12 pounds total. They come in boxes that can be used to transport or safely store the chess sets when transporting or when they’re not in use.

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