Luxurious Dog Beds For Every Size Dog

It only makes sense that the most important member of your family should have the luxury of the best bed in the house, right?. Why shouldn’t your dog have the same comfort, support and cushioning that the rest of the family does? He works hard, protecting your home and keeping everyone happy!

Our collection of luxury dog beds are made from durable fabrics and materials, so they will last for years. We know how important it is to be able to machine wash and dry your pets’ products, so each of our dog beds is machine washable and dryable. Read the care instructions for recommended water temperatures, machine settings, and soap types.

Shinbone Alley travels the world looking for the best products for you, whether they’re intended for you and your home or to be given as gifts. All of our makers have been hand-selected based on the quality of their work.

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  • Charlie Dog Car Seat

    Any four-legged passenger gets a safer ride when you buckle this cushioned dog car seat and carrier into your backseat.

    $106.00 more...
  • Portable Folding Dog Camping Bed

    Let your best friend relax in style and comfort on this outdoor “chill” pad, perfect for hiking, camping or simply enjoying the great outdoors.

    $59.00 more...
  • Dog Tent Bed, Portable

    With one zip, your dog has its own comfy cave with this dog tent bed, made of lightweight materials and perfect for home and travel. Available in three sizes.

    $50.00$64.50 more...
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    The Ultimate Pet Snuggle Bed

    Paws down, the most comfortable, versatile, cleanable pet bed. Perfect for dogs, cats, or the little burrower in your life!

    $38.50$52.50 more...
  • Large Round Dog Bed in Durable Denim

    Large round dog bed made from durable denim material that will look great in any home. Filled with 100% recycled sustainable materials. Shop now!

    $139.00 more...
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    Houndstooth Lounge Bed

    This classic houndstooth design will add panache to your home and make your best friend the most comforatble pup in town

    $96.60$124.60 more...
  • Chill Pad for Pets

    The pawfect mat to take on the go, wherever you and your best friend go.

    $59.00 more...
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    Vintage Swiss Cross Blanket Dog Bed

    Vintage Blanket Swiss Cross Dog Bed

    $168.00$182.00 more...

H2: Dog Bed Features

  • All luxury dog beds are machine washable and dryer-friendly
  • Durable enough to survive puppy stages and to last for years
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Yes, these dog beds are suitable for the cat-loving family!


What sizes are the dog beds?

Check each bed’s product descriptions. We made sure we found beds that can accommodate a range of sizes from small to large dogs. 

Are the dog beds easy to clean?

Yes, they are. We made sure all of our pet beds are made from the same durable materials as furniture. They are child-friendly and safe. Read the care and cleaning instructions for recommended washing and drying settings.

Are the dog beds made from eco-friendly materials?

Our houndstooth lounge bed is made from eco-friendly PlanetFill®, which is made from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. Please check the product descriptions of the other luxury dog beds for more information about the fabrics and fillers.

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