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Think outside the box—or at least outside the frame—with our selection of 3D wall art ideas. Handmade in Africa, these woven bowls and feathered wall decor pieces provide a fresh way to decorate your living room, bedroom, office, or even bathroom. Buy a variety of baskets and cover a wall (or walls!) with an original assemblage that expresses your taste and personality.

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  • Binga Handwoven Basket

    Individually or as a gallery wall installation, these handwoven baskets from Zimbabwe are works of art.

    $32.00$50.00 more...
  • Tumba Woven Bowl

    Hung on the wall or placed on a table, this African basket is sure to stand out in your home.

    $30.00$56.00 more...
  • Malindi Woven Bowl

    This African basket will add a special touch to your home, whether you hang it on the wall or use it at the table.

    $56.00 more...
  • Kigembe Woven Bowl

    Use this handwoven basket at your table—or hang it on the wall in a striking display.

    $30.00$108.00 more...
  • Luhano Woven Bowl

    On a table or on a wall, this hand-woven African basket stands out in any home.

    $30.00$108.00 more...
  • Giti Woven Bowl

    Use this woven bowl around the table or house—or hang it on the wall as a striking home decor accent.

    $30.00$56.00 more...
  • Gatonde X-Large Woven Bowl

    Using all-natural fibers like sisal and sweetgrass, female artisans in Rwanda wove this basket bowl by hand.

    $108.00 more...
  • Chwele Woven Bowl

    Made in Rwanda by female artisans, this 12″ diameter woven bowl is a fine example of African basket weaving.

    $56.00 more...
  • Ruhango Woven Bowl

    Hang this handmade 12″ diameter African woven bowl on your wall for an original and striking art-like display.

    $30.00$56.00 more...
  • Munini Woven Bowl

    Made by artisans in Rwanda, this 12″ diameter woven basket is ideal as a table accent , bookshelf accessory or wall decor.

    $56.00$108.00 more...
  • Kabaya Woven Bowl

    Made by Rwandan artisans from all-natural sisal fibers and sweetgrass, this 12″diameter woven bowl makes a striking gift.

    $56.00 more...
  • Rususa Woven Bowl

    This beautiful woven bowl is a striking example of the skill of Rwanda basket weavers. Offered in 7” & 12” diameter.

    $30.00$56.00 more...
  • Nyagatare Woven Bowl

    This hand-woven basket features a strikingly minimalist pattern that makes it an appealing gift for anyone.

    $56.00 more...
  • Musoma Woven Bowl

    This striking geometric woven bowl is the ideal accessory for an accent table, bookshelf, or as wall decor.

    $56.00 more...
  • Kigufi Woven Bowl

    Both beautiful and practical, this 12″ diameter woven basket was handmade by artisans in Gitarama, Rwanda.

    $56.00 more...
  • Juru Woven Bowl

    This woven 7″ diameter basket was made by artisans in Rwanda, and makes a thoughtful gift.

    $30.00 more...
  • Mwangaza Woven Bowls

    Practical and beautiful decor, these woven baskets are handmade made by artisans in Gitarama, Rwanda.

    $30.00$108.00 more...
  • Juju Hat Wall Decor

    Truly stunning and full of meaning, the traditional juju hat wall decor is a product of Africa that symbolizes wealth and prosperity.

    $650.00 more...


How do you hang and arrange 3D wall art?

Baskets and other woven objects usually weigh less than framed objects, so you’ll probably need just a small nail or pin to hang them. Since woven baskets are an economic alternative to custom framing, we recommend buying a bunch of them and creating an original wall-art installation of your own.

What is the best wall art for the living room? For the bathroom? For the bedroom?

For the living room, start with an oversized wall-art object to hang as an accent piece, then build out from there. We love mixing and matching sizes, colors, and textures to add warmth to any bedroom or living room wall decor. Hanging small wall baskets is a clever way to add personality to a bathroom or powder room.

What wall art is trending right now?

Unexpected prints and objects look great when hung on walls painted in the rich, bold colors that are all the rage right now. Round objects on walls are also something we’re seeing a lot of. Wall baskets in a variety of sizes and color palettes fit both these trends—yet they’re also functional objects anyone will hold on to for years.

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