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Whiskey and bourbon has really made a comeback in recent years, hasn’t it? Much to the delight of distillers, home bars have never been more popular! Browse our collection of gifts for whiskey lovers and bourbon enthusiasts. Be sure to check out the infusion blends, whiskey decanters, bourbon low-ball glasses and barware.

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  • Infusion Bar Bottle Kit

    Essential for any home bar, this mixology set is designed to prepare cocktails with custom-infused alcohol blends.

    $65.00 more...
  • Whiskey Infusion Pack: Spiced Vanilla Blend

    Get your favorite cocktail connoisseur something new: custom blends to make infused whiskey cocktails.

    $6.00 more...
  • Whiskey Infusion Pack: Barrel Blend

    This exotic blend of flavors—which you can use to infuse your own whiskey—will help you mix up some of the best cocktails ever.

    $6.00 more...
  • Whiskey Infusion Pack: Ginger Blend

    Up your alcohol and spirits game with a ginger blend to make infused whiskey cocktails.

    $6.00 more...
  • Rum Infusion Pack: Cinnamon Blend

    Add a hint of sweet, spicy cinnamon to your next rum punch with this kit for infusing your own alcohol.

    $6.00 more...
  • Rum Infusion Pack: Mint Blend

    Rum infused with a delicious mint blend will make the best mojitos you’ve ever tasted.

    $6.00 more...
  • Rum Infusion Pack: Citrus Blend

    Infuse your rum with this special citrus blend, and the best craft cocktails in town will be at your place.

    $6.00 more...
  • Mini Wooden Tongs, S/2

    Use these stylish tongs as barware (for ice cubes) or serveware (for a side dish).

    $45.00 more...
  • alkemista infusion vessel

    Alkemista – Cocktail Infusion Bottle

    Revolutionize ordinary alcohol into out-of-the-ordinary infused spirits by using the Alkemista cocktail infusion bottle!

    $70.00 more...
  • Orange Ginger Infusion Blend

    Transform ordinary liquor into handcrafted cocktails with house bitters in orange-ginger spice — dazzle the crafted cocktail lovers next time you entertain!

    $10.00 more...
  • House Bitters Infusion Blend

    Turn everyday alcohol into delicious spirits with house bitters — the perfect addition to your gift set for the mixologists on your shopping list.

    $10.00 more...
  • Infusion Blends: Flavor Black Denim

    Our Infusion Blends makes it simple to revamp your ordinary drink into a phenomenal cocktail.

    $9.99 more...
  • .45 Copper Slug 6 oz drinkware, Set/2

    Glassware to contain your favorite beverage exciting much conversation-all happening at the same moment.

    $100.00 more...
  • Antique Brass Ice Bucket with Lid

    Another uncommon twist on an everyday object — the antique brass ice bucket with a lid is a handmade product of Africa.

    $155.00 more...
  • Graphite Ice Bucket with Lid  

    An uncommon version of the everyday item: The graphite metal ice bucket with lid adds utility and industrial strength to an otherwise common gadget.

    $155.00 more...
  • 6-Piece Kikatsu Drinking Glass Set By Kimura Glass

    Create a stunning table setting with the 6-piece hand-blown, hand-etched drinking glass set from Kimura Glass, makers of fine stemware and glassware.

    $700.00 more...


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