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Wine lovers — also known as oenophiles — make gift-giving easy, don’t they? Pick up a bottle of their favorite red or white, and add it to one of our vegan totes or wine carriers. What the heck, might as well accessorize with a foil cutter, corkscrew and a pair of stem glasses. For the wine enthusiast on your shopping list, browse our collection of glassware, barware, and accessories. If you’re putting together a gift basket, check out our gift collection for cheese lovers.

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  • Vangbys Wine Stopper

    Use this bottle stopper to preserve your white and red wines for later enjoyment.

    $28.00 more...
  • Vangbys Wine Decantiere

    This must-have tool for wine lovers is a wine aerator, decanter, and stopper in one.

    $40.00 more...
  • Stem Zero Crystal White Wine Glass

    Lightweight, thin, and 35% stronger than everyday glass, the Stem Zero white wine glass from NUDE will impress the most discerning wine enthusiast.

    $65.00 more...
  • Large Stem Zero Crystal Red Wine Glass

    You’ll be impressed by the weight, strength and thinness of the lead-free crystal red wine glasses, from glassmaker NUDE’s Stem Zero collection.

    $65.00 more...
  • Ceramic Ice Bucket No. Four Hundred Two

    Wavy lines, dimpled depressions and uneven lips, give this organic shaped ice bucket endless uses.

    $251.00 more...
  • Sale!

    Hand Engraved Emerald Green Crystal Hunting Wine Goblet

    Each goblet is a work of art produced entirely by hand, engraved and polished by hand.

    $217.00 $173.60 more...
  • Steel Foil Cutter For Wine

    A stainless-steel wine foil cutter with razor-sharp edges, made from a single sheet of metal and perfect for the wine enthusiast.

    $26.00 more...
  • Stem Zero Volcano Red Wine Glass

    A unique and pleasurable marrying of form and delivery with our most impressive Red Wine Glasses.

    $65.00 more...
  • Stem Zero Volcano White Wine Glass

    Please the discerning eye, hand and lips with our most impressive White Wine Glasses.

    $65.00 more...
  • Stem Zero Volcano Crystal Champagne Glass

    Very special occasions deserve to be accompanied by an equally special Champagne Glass.

    $65.00 more...
  • Crystal Clear Glass Ice Bucket

    Cheers! Chill wine, champagne, seltzers and ice with our ergo-friendly, crystalline glass ice bucket and wine cooler.

    $78.00 more...
  • Vin Two Bottle Tote

    The two toting sustainable canvas wine carrier for safe passage.

    $50.00 more...
  • Vin One Bottle Tote

    Carry your vino in style in our horizontal tote

    $52.00$84.00 more...
  • ‘The Picnic’ Pocket Knife Bottle Opener Corkscrew

    Handy Picnic Knife with fold-out corkscrew and built-in bottle opener.

    $35.00 more...
  • Corkscrew

    The Cork Screw with exceptional good looks and impressive functionality to keep and to give.

    $110.00 more...
  • Nude Red or White Wine Decanter

    Handmade wine decanter by Ron Arad. Made with lead-free crystal glass.

    $205.00 more...

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