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Let the rest of the family cross items off the baby shower registry. You’re looking for something unique, uncommon and that will be passed on through generations. Our collection of baby shower gifts includes clothing and accessories, toys and games, and gift sets that every new parent will treasure. Browse gifts for baby now.

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  • “The Gracious Gobbler” Gift Set

    Start a meaningful new holiday tradition with this lovely Thanksgiving book, turkey stuffed animal, and note cards.

    $44.00 more...
  • Farlee and Friends Deluxe Christmas Gift Set

    This heartwarming holiday gift set includes dog and mouse stuffed animals, a beautiful book celebrating friendship, and more.

    $85.00 more...
  • Farlee and Friends Friendship Promise Gift Set

    The Airedale terrier Farlee is the subject of this book and plush gift set—a charming gift for anyone on your list.

    $45.00 more...
  • Monkey Knitted Stuffed Animal

    This knitted monkey stuffed animal adds joy and whimsy to the nursery or kids’ room.

    $39.00 more...
  • Dog with Sweater Knitted Stuffed Animal

    Adopt an adorable pet with this sweater-wearing dog stuffed animal.

    $40.00 more...
  • Dog with Scarf Knitted Stuffed Animal

    A smiling dog plush makes a happy addition to any nursery or kids’ room.

    $40.00 more...
  • Knitted Baby Elf Hat

    Put this elf hat on your baby, and turn them into Santa’s littlest helper.

    $24.00 more...
  • Hand-Knitted Lamb Baby Blanket

    Swaddle your little one with a soft gray unisex baby blanket embroidered with hand-stitched lambs.

    $75.00 more...
  • Little Lamb Crochet Stuffed Animal

    Soft and sweet, this crocheted little lamb helps your little one count sheep while nodding off.

    $18.00 more...
  • Zebra Knitted Stuffed Animal

    With a blue and orange scarf to match its signature black and white markings, this cute zebra plus has stripes to spare.

    $39.00 more...
  • Bunny with Flowers Knitted Stuffed Animal

    This lovely stuffed bunny has floppy limbs and ears, in addition to a flower crown.

    $40.00 more...
  • Hand-Embroidered Lamb Pillow

    Your little ones can count sheep as they snuggle in thanks to the embroidered lambs on this sweet pillow.

    $52.00 more...
  • Knitted Baby Stocking Hat

    Add holiday fun to your little one’s outfits with this adorable unisex crochet baby Christmas hat.

    $24.00 more...
  • White Bamboo Hooded Towel for Kids

    Wrap your baby boy or baby girl in this super-plush hooded bath towel, made from absorbent bamboo fibers.

    $25.00 more...
  • Dinosaur Bamboo Hooded Towel for Kids

    This fun, unique towel design delights during bath time—while thoroughly drying off your baby boy or girl.

    $29.00 more...
  • Lion Bamboo Hooded Towel for Kids

    Your little ones will roar with delight thanks to this hooded bamboo bath towel in the form of a lion.

    $29.00 more...

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