Personalized cutting boards, potted house plants, custom salt and pepper shakers are all classic housewarming gifts that you won’t find at Shinbone Alley. Why? Because they are boring. You’ve just landed on one of the best collections of unique and memorable gifts for the home. Shinbone Alley has done the legwork for you by searching for the best housewarming gifts that are just impossible to regift. Hand-blown glass art vases, hand-turned wooden bowls, sustainably sourced Ankole cow accessories are just a few of the selections you have to choose from. Shop now for unique housewarming gifts.

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  • Jemima Decorative Basket: Black &Natural

    This elegant and striking basket was woven by hand in Africa—and goes with any home decor.

    $204.00 more...
  • Jemima Decorative Basket: Orange & Brown

    This decorative basket represents the best of African artisanship.

    $204.00 more...
  • Jemima Decorative Basket: Black& Green

    Enjoy a touch of African creativity with this fun and colorful decorative basket.

    $204.00 more...
  • Jemima Decorative Basket: Green & Orange

    Artisans in Ghana wove this elegant and colorful decorative basket by hand.

    $204.00 more...
  • Yellow Spotted Green Splashes Quail

    This green-and-yellow quail makes a fun addition to any home—and is an ideal host gift, too.

    $90.00 more...
  • Ceramic Red Quail w/ Electric Blue Spots

    Whether you buy a single bird sculpture or an entire flock, these ceramic fowl brighten any home decor.

    $90.00 more...
  • Ceramic Yellow Quail w/ Electric Blue Spots

    Treat yourself to a whimsical ceramic bird sculpture created by artisans in Provence, France.

    $90.00 more...
  • Ceramic Green Guinea Fowl w/ White Spots

    Join the collectors flocking to these whimsical ceramic bird sculptures made in Provence, France.

    $140.00$182.00 more...
  • Ceramic Bordeaux Guinea Fowl w/ White Spots

    Call it fowl play: This ceramic bird sculpture made in Provence, France adds a whimsical touch to any room.

    $140.00$182.00 more...
  • “Savage” Coupe Glasses, Set/2

    Use this set of two sleek, lead-free-crystal coupe glasses for champagne or craft cocktails.

    $33.00 more...
  • Beehive Crock

    Glazed Stoneware Beehive Crock

    $95.00$325.00 more...
  • Ceramic Serving Tray No. Nine Hundred Fifty-Four, Small

    Versatility, simplicity, and functionality at its best.

    $156.00 more...
  • Ceramic Electric Blue Guinea Fowl w/ White Spots

    Looking for a place to nest: The highly collectible electric blue and white ceramic Guinea fowl from Provence, France. Additional sizes are offered.

    $140.00$182.00 more...
  • Bedside Carafe & Glass Set

    A modern twist on the traditional bedside carafe and glass — each two-piece set is hand blown and available in five colors

    $90.00 more...
  • Ceramic Cake Stand No. Two Hundred Nineteen Small

    When dessert is the most honored guest at your table, it deserves the best seat in the house — the ceramic cupcake stand.

    $212.00 more...
  • Ecrin Crystal Container with Lid: Large

    Use this crystal storage box to keep something precious—or admire it as an accent piece on a shelf or table.

    $119.00 more...

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