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  • Nude Red, White or Water Carafe

    Handmade water carafe by Ron Arad. Made with lead-free crystal glass.

    $185.00 more...
  • Nude Pure White Wine Glasses S/4

    Set of four exquisitely simple white wine glasses from NUDE.

    $38.00 more...
  • Nude Mr. & Mrs. Bedside Water Carafe Set

    Amusing water jug with integrated glass tumbler. Look closely for the etching.

    $78.00 more...
  • Spice Mill by Magnus Lundstrom

    Engineered to chef-quality standards and designed to seamlessly go from kitchen to table, this spice mill is backed by a 25-year warranty.

    $100.00$130.00 more...
  • Suffolk Sheep Handled Jug

    The splendid Suffolk Sheep… A gorgeous addition to any room.

    $275.00 more...
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    Reindeer Bob Knitted Wool Pillow Cover

    Made from a blend of merino and alpaca wool with separately knitted reindeer design.

    $319.50$458.00 more...
  • Mixed Animal Tall Vase

    An imaginative gift, charmingly rendered, the 4” tall handmade porcelain vase has charmingly rendered hand drawn animals drawn around its base.

    $121.00 more...
  • Small House Vase

    Small House Vase is hugely imaginative and a vessel for charming ideas.

    $143.00 more...
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    Turi Wrap / Throw

    Hand woven on a pedal loom, the Turi Throw is a heavenly combination of Merino Wool, Cashmere, Cotton.

    $775.00 $387.50 more...
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    Asama Wrap / Throw

    A luxurious piece made from the softest of Nepalese cashmere and merino wool to wrap yourself up in. You simply will not want to take it off!

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    Turi Throw

    A true wearable masterpiece utilizing heritage techniques. Handwoven on a foot pedal loom and lightly brushed out for a stunning texture and feel.

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    Khullu Striped Wrap / Throw

    Made from super soft and exceptionally warm hand-spun Yak Kullu collected once a year by nomadic herders.

    $1,375.00 $687.50 more...
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    Kyrgyz Pillow

    Hand Felted Kyrgz Pillows – Ice

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    Natha Cashmere Wrap and Throw

    Natha Semi-Felted Wrap andThrow – in Bone

    $1,195.00 $597.50 more...
  • Walnut Fiddle Bow Bread Knife Set

    Made by Vermont by Old World artisans, a Bread and Bow Set that slices bread as easily as butter.

    $85.00$175.00 more...
  • Bread and Bow Knife Set In Grey

    Modern look to a timeless design for the Bread and Bow Set.

    $85.00$175.00 more...


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