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For gift ideas between $100 and $350, Shinbone Alley is pleased to offer artisan-made, high-quality items for him, her, and them. We have gifts for the home — including stunning vessels and vases that are not only beautiful pieces of art but also practical. Use them to display a bouquet of seasonal flowers or a potpourri of items. We have wardrobe accessories — designer handbags, belts, totes, scarves, and wraps — for men and women. Whatever your budget and whoever is on your list, you’ll find something in our gift ideas under $350.

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  • Amber ‘Matisse’ Glass Art Vase

    In a rich amber color, this handmade glass vase adds a work of art for any home decor.

    $250.00 more...
  • Brown-Purple ‘Matisse’ Topaz Glass Art Vase

    Inspired by the famous French artist, the Matisse stacking vase incorporates the best of European craftsmanship.

    $250.00 more...
  • Blue ‘Omena’ Glass Art Vase

    This apple-shaped handblown glass vase can be used for candies, for flowers, or just to admire as a piece of art.

    $205.00 more...
  • Orange ‘Paryn’ Opal Amber Glass Art Vase

    Place this pear-shaped glass art vase on a shelf, a counter, or anywhere you’d like—and admire it for years.

    $205.00 more...
  • Women’s Canvas Backpack: Light Brown

    Practical and stylish, this light brown backpack fits everything you need.

    $145.00 more...
  • Women’s Canvas Backpack: Orange

    This retro backpack in eye-catching orange canvas might be your new go-to bag.

    $145.00 more...
  • Large Canvas Backpack: Bronze

    Add some style to your every day with this vintage-style fashionable backpack for work.

    $145.00 more...
  • Women’s Reversible Tote Bag: Light Brown & Beige

    A reversible tote in neutral light brown and beige means you’re getting two bags in one, in a way.

    $150.00 more...
  • Oversized Canvas Tote Bag: Bronze & Olive Green

    Do you prefer a stylish oversized canvas tote bag in bronze-brown or olive green? With this reversible tote, you can get both.

    $150.00 more...
  • Reversible Canvas Tote Bag: Orange & Dark Red

    Grab this reversible tote by the leather-trimmed handles or throw it over your shoulder as you set out for the day.

    $150.00 more...
  • Weekender Tote Bag: Dark Red

    This unstructured, Weekender Tote Bag is practical, versatile, and stylish in all seasons.

    $145.00 more...
  • Overnight Canvas Tote Bag: Light Brown

    An Overnight Canvas Tote Bag in coffee-colored brown makes a stylish statement.

    $145.00 more...
  • Weekender Bag: Bronze

    This Weekender oversized tote holds everything you need for work, a weekend away, time with your kids… wherever you’re headed.

    $145.00 more...
  • Cowhide Hobo Handbag

    Grab this women’s soft hobo handbag when you step out on the town.

    $350.00 more...
  • Cowhide Continental Wallet

    Keep all your important items with you in this stylish and super-practical large-format wallet.

    $175.00 more...
  • Charleston Lillies & Lime Three-Wick Scented Candle

    Enjoy the bright yet soothing blend of citrus, lilies, and other accents with a luxury scented candle in a 12″-high glass case.

    $150.00 more...

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