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If you’re looking to splurge a little, take a gander at our gift ideas starting at $350 and above. Quality and value is what you’ll find in this Shinbone Alley showcase. From heirloom-quality gifts for the home to handcrafted accessories that complement any wardrobe, we have something for everyone on your shopping list. Our commitment to supporting local artisans and honoring traditional craftsmanship shows in this collection of gift ideas for $350 and above.

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  • Premium New York City Metal Chess Set

    Bringing the spectacular New York Skyline to your chessboard.

    $510.00$618.00 more...
  • Premium San Francisco Chess Set

    Bring the iconic architecture of the City By The Bay to your chess board

    $510.00$618.00 more...
  • Premium Paris Chess Set

    Made from premium metal and stone resin, this high-end, unique chess set is perfect for the chess-playing Francophile.

    $510.00$618.00 more...
  • Premium London Chess Set

    For the chess-loving Anglophile, our premium metal unique chess set pays homage to London landmarks Big Ben, Canary Wharf and more.

    $510.00$618.00 more...
  • Cowhide Leather Weekender Bag

    Get ready for the double-takes and the endless questions on where this cowhide weekend bag is from.

    $475.00 more...
  • The Fox in the Woods Platter

    Generously sized, imaginatively drawn handmade porcelain platter featuring a most beguiling fox.

    $440.00 more...
  • Cowhide Leather Overnight Duffle Bag

    Stay overnight in style with the leather duffle bag, finished in genuine hand-selected hair-on cowhide — and surprisingly lightweight!

    $395.00 more...
  • Alba Whiskey Decanter, Tall & Short

    Timeless Design, Hand carved Decanter. Two size and style options available.

    $400.00 more...
  • Sale!

    Reindeer Bob Knitted Wool Pillow Cover

    Made from a blend of merino and alpaca wool with separately knitted reindeer design.

    $298.20$320.60 more...
  • Leather Bicycle Saddlebag

    A great one size fits all bike bag for the person on the go.

    $350.00 more...
  • Sale!

    Turi Wrap / Throw

    Hand woven on a pedal loom, the Turi Throw is a heavenly combination of Merino Wool, Cashmere, Cotton.

    $232.50 more...
  • Sale!

    Asama Wrap / Throw

    A luxurious piece made from the softest of Nepalese cashmere and merino wool to wrap yourself up in. You simply will not want to take it off!

    $535.50 more...
  • Artel ‘Mathematical’ Drinking Glasses

    This perfect gift for mathematicians and math lovers is a hand-etched set of crystal glasses depicting the most “beautiful” math expressions.

    $220.00 more...

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