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You won’t find anything that requires batteries or electricity among our collection of toys, accessories, and play-things. Shinbone Alley’s collection of gifts for children is designed to unlock — and unplug — young imaginations. Browse toys, games, and gifts made from the high-quality materials that last for several lifetimes. Shop now for huggable plush animals, wooden puzzles, games, vehicles — and so much more.

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  • Kids Hand Knit Fisherman Sweater

    The traditional, timeless fisherman’s sweater will keep your child warm and dry during the chilly winter months (2 sizes). Offered in three color ways.

    $44.00 more...
  • “Every Hare Counts” Kid’s Storybook

    This counting book for toddlers is delightful and educational for children and parents alike.

    $20.00 more...
  • “Bun Bun a Lovey” Kid’s Storybook

    Add to your child’s library with this charming illustrated storybook about a beloved bunny toy.

    $20.00 more...
  • “Avery the Aviator Braves the Arctic” Kid’s Storybook

    Share precious moments during storytime with this charming story of a brave goose and friends.

    $20.00 more...
  • Elephant Knitted Storage Bin

    This soft toy storage bin is a fun and practical storage solution for the nursery or kids’ room.

    $56.00 more...
  • Cow Children’s Backpack: Torito

    This toddler backpack comes in the form of an irresistibly cute, cartoon-like cow.

    $63.00 more...
  • Monkey Children’s Backpack: Monito

    This monkey backpack for kids and toddlers is as adorable as it is practical.

    $75.00 more...
  • Bunny Children’s Backpack: Clara

    This bunny-shaped backpack for kids and toddlers lets them pack up their schoolwork with a bit of whimsy.

    $63.00 more...
  • Monkey Children’s Backpack: Chimpa

    Get ready for a little monkey business: This cartoon-like monkey backpack will make any child—and parent—smile.

    $57.00 more...
  • Sheep Cotton Knit Baby Blanket

    Your little ones can count sheep as they fall asleep tucked in under this cotton unisex baby blanket.

    $64.00 more...
  • Elephant Knitted Baby Blanket: Gray & Pink

    This pink and gray baby girl blanket printed with elephants is just what your little one needs.

    $48.00 more...
  • Elephant Knitted Baby Blanket: Gray & Blue

    Swaddle a newborn or tuck in a toddler with this baby boy blanket printed with an endearing elephant design.

    $48.00 more...
  • Elephant Knitted Rattle Toy

    Your baby will be amused for hours with this knitted elephant rattle toy.

    $12.00 more...
  • Eli the Elephant Knitted Toy

    This cute knitted elephant plush makes a fun addition to any nursery.

    $24.00 more...
  • Sheep Padded Baby Play Mat

    Your little one will enjoy hours of safe play on this quilted baby play mat, printed with a cute sheep pattern.

    $70.00 more...
  • Elephant Padded Baby Play Mat

    This soft, padded gray baby play mat lets your little one move and explore safely and comfortably.

    $70.00 more...

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