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This collection might be our favorite category here at Shinbone Alley. We have curated an impressive collection of quality dog collars and leads, pet accessories, apparel and, of course, beds for your favorite four-legged family members. We are adding to this category all the time, so check back often. You might need to build an addition on your home after shopping our collection of apparel and accessories for dogs and cats!

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  • Boo Oh All-in-One Leash & Harness: Gray

    Your daily dog walking just got an upgrade thanks to this nicely designed dog harness/leash accessory.

    $129.00 more...
  • Boo Oh All-in-One Leash & Harness: Blue

    Walk your dog in comfort and style with this no-pull harness and leash in one.

    $129.00 more...
  • Boo Oh All-in-One Leash & Harness: Pink

    The lifestyle pet brand Boo Oh has created this elegant and simple leash/harness combo.

    $129.00 more...
  • Charlie Dog Car Seat

    Any four-legged passenger gets a safer ride when you buckle this cushioned dog car seat and carrier into your backseat.

    $106.00 more...
  • Portable Folding Dog Camping Bed

    Let your best friend relax in style and comfort on this outdoor “chill” pad, perfect for hiking, camping or simply enjoying the great outdoors.

    $59.00 more...
  • Dog Float Toy for Pool, Beach, Land

    Exercise your pup (and you) with this toss-and-float dog toy, that’s perfect for pool, water, beach, and land activities.

    $15.90 more...
  • Outdoor Water Bowl For Dogs

    Durable, washable and collapsible — this outdoor water bowl for dogs is lightweight and perfect for hiking and camping.

    $14.90 more...
  • Flying Disc Toy

    The perfect little toy to teach your pup to chase, fetch, and swim.

    $15.90 more...
  • Compact Training Treat Pouch

    Your go to accessory for walks with man’s best friend.

    $9.00 more...
  • Small Dog Carrier Purse

    Take your pooch with you with the stylish and practical lightweight pet carrier that has everything, even a place for poo bags.

    $62.00 more...
  • Dog Tent Bed, Portable

    With one zip, your dog has its own comfy cave with this dog tent bed, made of lightweight materials and perfect for home and travel. Available in three sizes.

    $50.00$64.50 more...
  • Persimmon Check Dog Collar

    The persimmon-red check dog collar is rugged, attractive and adjustable for comfortable fit on small, medium and big dogs.

    $34.00 more...
  • Persimmon Check Dog Leash

    The persimmon-red dog lead is durable yet lightweight and adds a touch of style and practicality to your daily walks.

    $48.00 more...
  • Orange Puffer Jacket For Dogs

    Get the orange puffer jacket for small and medium-size dogs, lined with soft fleece and an attached flannel bandana.

    $50.00 more...
  • Blue/Navy Puffer Coat For Dogs

    Warm-up your dog’s core with this 100% fleece-lined puffer coat in navy blue with an attached cotton flannel bandana.

    $50.00 more...
  • Red Puffer Vest For Dogs

    Soft and cute as heck, the red puffer vest for dogs is lined with 100% fleece and accessorized with a 100% cotton flannel bandana.

    $50.00 more...

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