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Does your dad love the outdoors? If so, we have creative ideas for Father’s Day gifts for a grandpa, dad, brother, or son who can’t get enough of gardening, hiking, or just sitting in the sunshine. This creative Father’s Day gift list has presents catering to those who love barbecuing, gardening, picnicking, and more. Here, you can count on finding the perfect Father’s Day gift for any outdoorsy guy.

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  • Palo Santo Citronella Outdoor Incense

    Light these incense sticks to add the natural insect repellents citronella and palo santo to your next outdoor event.

    $25.00 more...
  • “Man Cloth” Apron

    Guys can use this all-purpose apron and cleaning cloth whenever they’re cooking, gardening, barbecuing, and more.

    $34.00 more...
  • Beehive Citronella Incense Burner

    Add style to your table and keep away bugs with this Vermont pottery incense burner that burns citronella incense.

    $85.00 more...
  • Citronella Firestarters

    These firestarters not only help you get your grill, wood fireplace, or firepit going—they’ll keep away mosquitoes, too.

    $16.00 more...
  • Reserved Beach Towel

    You can expect to lie out for hours on this super-soft oversized Turkish-style beach towel.

    $76.00 more...
  • Saltee Hands

    Upgrade your hand sanitizer with a formula that feels and smells more like a moisturizer.

    $12.50 more...
  • Saltee Face Sea & Sun Formula SPF 50

    Protect, soothe, and hydrate your skin on vacation and all year long with this natural SPF facial moisturizer.

    $40.00 more...
  • Saltee Sea & Sun Lotion SPF 30

    All-natural lotion from this vegan-friendly brand makes for a standout skincare gift.

    $44.00 more...
  • Saltee Daily Protection Formula SPF 50

    This natural SPF moisturizer is for more than just beach vacations: It protects your face and hydrates your skin all year long.

    $40.00 more...
  • Saltee Active Sun Lotion SPF 30

    Discover how well Saltee’s all-natural, vegan-friendly natural SPF moisturizer works for all skin types.

    $44.00 more...
  • Leather Gardening Gloves

    Keep your hands clean as you dig into your garden with these versatile and study leather work gloves.

    $20.00 more...
  • Walnut Garden Scissors

    These durable and practical pruning shears are inspired by a sleek vintage Japanese design.

    $26.00$28.00 more...
  • Hori Hori Garden Knife

    Keep your hands clean as you dig into your garden with these versatile and study leather work gloves.

    $30.00 more...
  • Bourbon Barrel Grilling Chips

    Used for grilling and smoking, these wood chunks are made from barrels used to age heritage Kentucky bourbons.

    $20.00 more...
  • Stainless Steel Garden Knife Trio-3 Colors

    Get more from your gardening with this trio gift set of extra-sturdy, extra-useful knives from storied French brand Opinel.

    $69.00 more...
  • No.18 Carbon Steel Folding Saw

    The carbon steel blade and serrated teeth of this folding knife can cut through just about anything in your garden.

    $55.00 more...

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