Home Bar Essentials - Basics for Setting Up your bar at home

Impress your guests when you ask, “Would you like that shaken or stirred?” Mix the perfect cocktail with these accessories for setting up the bar at home. 


Stir up a classic cocktail — Manhattan, old fashioned, or a dry martini — with this two-piece cocktail set. It includes a 650-cc (about 21 ounces) crystal glass mixing vessel and a copper stirrer.


For those shaken-not-stirred adult beverages — chilled shots, Clover Club cocktails, or a beachcomber — the two-piece tumbler with copper metal top is a beautiful addition to your home bar. The glass holds 500 ccs (almost 17 ounces).


Infuse your spirits with herbs, fruits, spices and other ingredients with this glass and metal infusion bottle, which comes with a recipe booklet. Take your home bar to the next level with custom spirits!

Bar Tools for Serving Wine, Champagne and Bottles

For your champagne-loving, wine-drinking, and bottle-preferring guests, build your own home bar kit so you can serve and chill beverages in style. The classic designs accompany any style of decor, and they’ll last for years to come. 

  • Stainless steel corkscrew: You will love the ergonomic design and ease of our stainless steel corkscrew. Bonus: It’s designed to stand up on its three legs, making it a display piece when you’re not popping corks.
  • Wine Aerator & Pourer: A built-in “rain filter” at the top of the vessel aerates the wine as you pour it in. With a quick tug of the nozzle, guest can dispense their own pours of red, white, or rosé.
  • Steel Foil Cutter for Wine: We love this bottle opener, made from ethically sourced cow horns in Africa. Each one is hand made, so exact colors and shapes may vary. The opener itself is a sturdy chrome metal. 
  • Crystal Clear Wine Cooler: Simple clean lines in this handmade lead-free crystal wine cooler/ice bucket make it a perfect addition to your home bar setup. The maker added two subtle dimples for not only decoration but ease of grip.

Beer Glasses for Your Home Bar

This section and the next two contain must haves for home bars: beer glasses, cocktail glasses and wine glasses. First, for the craft-beer (or any beer, really) lover in your life, we bring you three delightful and uniquely designed sets of beer glasses.

Set of four beer glasses with etched glass: These 20-ounce glasses are etched with the designer’s interpretation of the hops plant, one of the main ingredients in beer. This style is perfect for IPA and stouts.

Etched IPA or stout glasses, set of four: The design of this etched beer glass is designed for drinking IPAs and stouts. Each 20-ounce glass is etched with a frosted design around the circumference of the glass. 

“Monti” beer glass set: Set of 4: Offered in a beautiful gift box, you will find four glasses of various shapes and sizes, designed for different types of beer. The IPA glass features any intriguing geometric form designed for sipping a hoppy special brew. The sleek Pils glass can hold 12 ounces of your favorite lighter beer.

Wow-Worthy Cocktail Glasses for the Home Bar

You’ve never seen anything like these cocktail glasses, perfect for low-balls, high-balls and martini-style beverages.
Rocks glass with .45 copper slug: This set of two 6-ounce glasses is made from blown glass and embedded with a slug from a .45 caliber replica bullet. These rocks glasses, sometimes referred to as “lowball glasses,” are ideal for serving whiskey, an old fashioned, or any on-the-rocks spirits.
“Hepburn” Alchemy Glass: A show-stopping way to serve a signature cocktail. The orb-shaped glass, made of lead-free crystal, ends on a weighted base that makes it sturdy and stable.
Champagne or martini glasses, set of 2: These stemware crystal glasses can be used to serve champagne or any martini-style cocktail. They’re made from lead-free crystal and pair nicely with the mixing glass with metal stirrer and copper-topped cocktail shaker.
Pheasant Lowball Glasses: Set of 4: These etched pheasant lowball glasses make a perfect gift. Presented in a lovely gift box. Be sure to view the collection of other etched patterns.

Wine Stemware Glasses for the Home Bar

What any true connoisseur of wine wants in a glass is as little as interference as possible between them and their wine-drinking experience. Our collection of stemware delivers just that — using cutting edge “ion technology,” that produces the thinnest lead-free, feather-light crystal that you will find. 

Each red wine, white wine, and champagne glass is sold individually and comes in a gift box that can be reused for storage. Experience the weightlessness of these wine glasses:

For Whiskey Lovers

No home bar is complete without elegant vessels for decanting bourbon and whiskey, infusion blends, as well as an assortment of lowball and rocks glasses. Browse our whiskey lovers gift guide collection for more ideas.

“Cupa” Rocks Glass: Set of 2: The concave conal base rests at an angle on the table or bar so that the glass rotates—a design element that makes your pour swirl and get aerated. This enhances the flavor of your liquor, and elevates the cocktail experience.
Malt Whiskey Bottle and Tray Set: A distinguished distillation like malt whiskey deserves its own vessel; and so, we present the malt whiskey bottle and tray. This 2-piece set includes the malt bottle and tray and matching glasses are sold separately.
Alba whiskey decanter: This whiskey decanter is available in two sizes, a 60.87-ounce short and a 50.72-ounce tall, which can also be used to decant wines. Each is made of lead-free crystal and comes with a marble stopper.

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