Brand Profile: Hyde & Hare, Makers of Ethically Sourced Cowhide Accessories

What’s the expression? “I’ve seen neither hide nor hair of it,” which means, “Whatever I was looking for, it’s nowhere to be found.” Hide and hair, after all, refer to the entire outer coat of an animal — from the hide to the fine hairs. If you can’t find something you’ll see not a hair.

Hyde & Hare’s brand name is a bit of a play on words for the don’t-ask-me cliche. Irony, if you will. What are you looking for? Unique, luxury, and quality accessories? Well, you’ve found it — both hide and hair — with Hyde & Hare’s line of luxury handbags, travel bags, belts and accessories.

The Story Behind Hyde & Hare

What struck Shinbone Alley’s buyers about Hyde & Hare is the thoughtfulness and sustainability that goes into every square inch of their products. We prefer to partner with brands that adhere to ethical and sustainable manufacturing practices. We also love a brand with a good story.

The company’s founder, Piers Dickinson, created the brand during a working trip to Kenya, where he managed safari lodges. It was here that Dickinson said he saw local boutiques selling cowhide products, and he was inspired to bring them to a larger market. To create the cowhide belt, for example, the Hyde & Hare team traveled to Italy to meet with leather tanneries to source the materials. Imagine! Traveling across Europe to create a belt. This is the kind of thoughtfulness that assured us of the high quality of Hyde & Hare products.

Shinbone Alley is the U.S.-based affiliate for the Hyde & Hare brand, and we are thrilled to tell the story behind the products, as well as to offer them through our online boutique.

Unique Genuine Cowhide Accessories

cowhide purseBecause of the organic nature of the products that Hyde & Hare make, no two are alike because no two animals are alike. Cowhide patterns are as unique as snowflakes. Their craftspeople hand select the hides based on the beauty and quality of the leather.

They finish their accessories with incredibly soft nubuck leather that is embossed with the Hyde & Hare logo. They use polished silver, brass and other high quality metals for the zippers, rings and buckles that finish the products.

Who Wears Cowhide Accessories?

Hide-on-hair accessories aren’t for only urban cowboys and cowgirls! The handbags, travel bags, clutches, wallets and belts are ideal for anyone who appreciates high quality leather goods. They go well with classic styles, blue jeans, or a fine suit.

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