Think Gentleman’s Study Not Man Cave: A Modern Approach To Man Cave Decor

Gone are the days of taxidermied walls, flashing neon beer signs, and beer-keg-inspired end tables. The modern man needs more than a hole in the wall to escape to; they need a 360-degree experience that gives them freedom of thought, solitude when they desire it, and a place that reflects who they are as a man.

Enter the Gentleman’s Study (aka Classy Man Cave)

The idea of the gentleman study may seem like a classier version of the man cave, right? Maybe so. The gentleman’s study is a highly refined space that offers men an oasis from the day. Replacing stereotypical furnishings and cliche decor (dogs playing poker, anyone?) with functional, comfortable and classy accommodations is just the start of it. A true gentleman’s study mirrors the man himself, fitting his style and world view with thoughtful design and carefully curated furnishings.

Before you refine and define your intentions for your man cave, what will you have to drink?

Barware for the Gentleman’s Study

Perhaps the most important accessory to the luxurious man cave is the barware. Whether his preference is fine whiskey, smooth scotch, aged wine, or mixed drinks, he’ll need the right equipment and tools.

Ice bucket / wine cooler

A gentleman’s study’s bar must include an ice bucket made from heavy-duty lead-free crystal, metal or ceramic, perhaps accented with leather or solid brass trimmings.

See our ice buckets in glass, leather, and hammered metal.

Bourbon and whiskey accessories

For the whiskey and bourbon lover, a must-have is the clear ice mold, along with low-ball glasses. We’ve seen none more gentlemanly than the 6-ounce low-ball drinkware embedded with a .22 or 45-caliber copper bullet.

Carafe for whiskey, decanter for wine

What’s his pleasure? A smooth scotch, or a dark and heavy whiskey? Or is he more of a red wine connoisseur? May we suggest a carafe-slash-decanter made from lead-free glass and equipped with a removable stopper made from handmade glass, marble, or metal.

Beer glasses

The true beer lover understands the difference between a pilsner and a lager, or an IPA and a stout. Not all beer is created equally, and neither are their serving glasses.

Serving trays

The base of the barware is the serving tray, which not only makes your grown-up beverages more portable, but also protects your surfaces and adds touches of style to your decor. Gentlemen prefer hair-on hide, leather, and hammered metal.

Accessories for the gentleman’s bar

Go nuts on accessorizing the gentleman’s study bar: A cocktail jigger, foil cutter for wine, bartender’s knife, easy-to-use corkscrew, and other home bar accessories and essentials.

alkemista infusion vessel

Design Tips for a Gentleman’s Study

Every great expedition starts with a plan. Answer questions to help you mold your space into the ultimate gentleman’s study.

  • How do you want to use your study? Are you escaping the stress of your heavy workload or plotting exploits of future greatness? Take a moment and consider how you will enjoy your new digs. Declare your gentleman’s study a device-free zone and go head to head with high-end versions of classic board games.
  • Are you making a statement with your space? For example, you might want your study to represent your passion for green living by using reclaimed, repurposed items, and sustainable materials. Make space with these one of a kind cherry stacking side tables.
  • What’s your style? Forget the rest of your domain. What’s your style? Modern? Minimalist? Classic? Urban? Eclectic? Whatever your style, add accent pieces that complement any style, like stylish decorative trays.

Decisions, decisions … Gentlemen’s Study Layout Ideas

Heavy is the head that wears the crown … and that makes decisions that go into designing a gentleman’s study. Once you’ve defined your overall intentions, consider the different aspects of your room individually, so it comes together into one remarkable gentleman’s space.

Grab a drink, imagine retiring for the evening into your study, and then consider the following.

Sitting areas instantly create a mood that reminds you why you’re here in the first place. Consider the statement you want your sitting area to make: conversation-friendly,  solitude-inspired, or something in between — it’s up to you.

Workspaces play a big role in how you feel when you’re using them. Think about working all day at the kitchen table versus sitting in an executive style chair behind an executive style, heavy oak desk. Of course, your decision here ultimately depends on your goal for your study. A simple writer’s style desk or reading nook might be more fitting.

Entertainment spaces used to be defined by video games or pool tables, but not anymore. Your choices should reflect items that interest you, not tired man-cave cliches. For instance, a stylish chess set and whisky tumblers might be more your style than a foosball table. It’s your space, so don’t limit yourself, express yourself.

Lighting has the unique power to quickly transform the mood of any room, making it a must for any gentleman’s study. You’ll want to have several lighting options available to reflect your mood and different types of activities. Bright light for reading, calm light for when you’re contemplating life, a desk lamp for late-night work sessions. Consider these luxurious tower lamps from Neptune Glass.

While these are the essentials for crafting a gentleman’s study, don’t get too caught up in themes or pre-defined styles. After allAfterall, nobody can truly tell you how to build your gentleman’s study … it’s all a matter of taste.

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