Bees Wrap Set of Three



Set of three wraps from Bee’s Wrap®, the sustainable, natural alternative to plastic wrap for food storage. Made in Bristol, Vermont use the wraps to wrap bread, cheese, vegetables, or cover a bowl! Practical and environmentally friendly.

Use the warmth of your hands to soften the wrap, create a seal, when cool the wrap holds its shape. Reusable. Wash in cool water. Made of beeswax, organic cotton, organic jojoba oil and tree resin.

Available as single wraps and sets of three. Sets of three available in all the small, medium, large and mixed.

Small: 7” L x 8” W
Medium: 10” L x 11” W
Large: 13” L x 14” W

  • Alternative to plastic wrap
  • Made in Bristol, Vermont
  • Wrap food or cover a bowl
  • Made of: Beeswax, organic cotton…
  • Organic jojoba oil & tree resin
  • Reusable, wash in cool water
  • Available as single wraps
  • Available as sets of three
  • Small, medium, large and mixed

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