Bloom Stacking Vessel-Amber Smoke


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Earth’s elements come together in this beautiful (and functional) centerpiece made of blown Czech glass and hand-turned, smoked acacia wood. Nature, fire, earth, light, darkness, spirit and water are all represented in the materials of this uniquely designed pair of vessels.

Together the wooden bowl serves as a perfectly fitted topper for the hand-blown amber-tone glass vessel. Separately, each displays nature’s gifts — flowers, grasses, fruits, and more — even snacks.

The Acacia wood is smoked in a two-part process, maintaining the natural bark edge, which is fragile and should be handled with care. The glass is hand blown, and the two parts are fitted together by craftsmen in Germany.

Because each piece is handmade and unique, and your stacking vessel pair may have slight differences in design.

  • DIMENSIONS: 10” H X 11” W

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