Buni Tray (Dark)



These eye catching Buni, which means “to build” in Swahili,  Trays are crafted into scoop shaped trays from genuine Ankole horn from Uganda. Therefore we describe them as either “Light” or “Dark”.

While working in East Africa in 2012 Bobby Mickler noticed an enormous pile of local cow horns left outside the stockyard. Surprised to see the horns discarded he and his wife, Downie decided to try and repurpose them somehow and create jobs and stimulate economic growth in the area. The trays are beautiful, functional art pieces and come in varying colors that highlight the natural beauty of the dish.

Food safe. Hand wash only. Do not submerge in water. Do not use in microwave or oven. Available in varying sizes these trays can be purchased in light or dark colors.

Extra Large: 17-19″ L x 4- 5″ W x 1.5-2″ H
Large: 14.5-16.5″ L x 3.75-4.75″ W x 1.5-2″ H
Medium: 12-14″ L x 3.5-4.5″ W  x 1.5-2″ H
Small: 6-11″ L x 3.5-4″ W x 1.5-2″ H

  • Eye-catching Ankole Split Horn
  • Beautifully designed tray
  • Food safe
  • Hand wash only

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

Large-14.5-16.5″ L x 3.75”-4”75” W X 1.5-2″ H, Medium: 12-14″ L X 3.5”-4.5” W X 1.5-2″ H, Small: 6-11″ L X 3.5”-4”W X 1.5-2″H, XLarge: 17-19″ L x 4”-5” W X 1.5-2″ H

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