Essential Oils Incense: Lemongrass, Orange & Clary Sage


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ARRIVING 3/25/2021

These carefully formulated, all-natural incense sticks help soothe, brighten, balance, and cleanse. With this set, you’ll get 20 incense sticks; every stick has a two-hour burn time—which means some 40 total hours of aromas to enhance your home, routine, and overall well-being. Use a stick in your bedroom to unwind before turning in for the night, or burn one in the living room to help during the day. When you use them outside, you’ll make any garden party more intimate—and you’ll even keep away insects using an all-natural repellent.

The incense blend contains lemongrass (harvested from the wild), orange, and clary sage essential oils for a product designed to add a citrusy kick that energizes and clarifies. These incense sticks will help you sample the power of essential oils to brighten your mood, reduce stress, and increase overall wellness.


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