Gaya Scarf, Blue


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As you look at this scarf, what pleases your eye? Perhaps it’s the translucent quality of the Gaya Scarf with the predominately summer-sky blue of its field? It might also be that it is finely woven of ultra-light Bengal cotton and accented with hand-stitched geometric motifs that create a stunning floating effect. It takes a day and half for an ustad (master weaver) to make one of these scarves! Combined, these elements unite to become on of your favorite summer wraps. Take it with you as you travel hither and yon. The maker donates 10% of each sale towards identifying and overcoming obstacles to furthering girls’ schooling throughout India. Each scarf is shipped in a gorgeous hand-loomed reusable cotton bag with a card that describes how your purchase helps change girls’ lives. If you are shipping our scarves directly to a friend, we can include a special message to be printed on the card.

DIMENSIONS: 70″ x 27″

  • Hand loomed organic cotton

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