India Small Stacking Vessel-Teal Brass


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Earth, fire, water, nature, light, darkness and spirit — our planet’s seven elements come together in this exquisitely crafted centerpiece. Not only is this stacking vessel a beautiful addition to any home, office or other decor, but it is practical.

Separated, the hand-blown blue glass vessel serves as a vase for a small bouquet while the wooden bowl stands by to hold fruit, potpourri, or your favorite gifts from nature. A handspun brass ring precisely connects glass with wood, for a single piece of display art when you’re not using the vessel and bowl.

The hand-blown glass is from the Czech Republic, the hand-spun metal from England, and the hand-turned wood from Finland. The three pieces are fitted together by craftsmen in Germany.

Dimensions are approximate, because of the nature of the materials and the craftsmanship by hand.

  • DIMENSIONS: 9″ H X 9″ W

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Weight 2.10 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 9 in

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