Journeyman Waxed Canvas Apron, Leather Patch Pockets

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The Journeyman Waxed Canvas Apron borrows from the past with waxed canvas, top-grain leather straps and pockets.  While designed to protect from your most creative project it has a certain timeless appeal. Also cleverly sized and situated pockets and straps accommodate a variety of common hand tools.

Leather Care: The leather is minimally treated hence, use adds to the character. Lastly, avoid extended exposure to direct sunlight or extreme heat.

Waxed Canvas Care: First shake or brush off debris, next, for spots, use cold water and mild soap, and a sponge or brush.  Lastly, rinse with a sponge and cold water and let air dry.

DIMENSIONS: 32.75″ x 24″

  • Apron
  • 3 pockets
  • 2 tool holding straps
  • clip for keys/accessories
  • Adjustable belt in back
  • Made from highest quality waxed canvas
  • Leather made from top-grain cowhide

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