Natural Horn Open Circle Pendant

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Stunningly and impactful natural zebu horn open circle pendant with leather cord. Full Description: Utterly simple and effective is the Natural Zebu Horn Open Circle Pendant suspended from a single leather cord to hang mid chest. Coveted from the beginning of time as body adornment is natural horn, ours being from the domesticated zebu cattle of South Asia. Pieces are discriminately selected by missionaries from farmers who herd the zebu. There is good economic benefit to the herdsmen as well as benefit to the designers of these gorgeous natural horn pieces. The very nature of the horn itself is incorporated into each piece by Italian artisans. A timeless shape is the circle. Made of warm beige horn and suspended very simply by a single leather cord renders this piece a timeless classic. The horn’s color is a warm beige that will complement many pieces in your wardrobe. It is a stand alone piece, which is the aesthetic of the designer – simply bold.



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