Nude Red or White Wine Decanter


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What better way to enjoy your favorite bottle of wine than with this stunning decanter, created by renowned architect and industrial designer, Ron Arad, for his Red or White?  Nominated for a German Design Award 2017 the sleek decanter has been masterfully handmade in lead-free crystal glass.
A creator in the purest sense, Ron Arad defines design as, “the act of one imposing one’s will on materials to perform a function.” He is well known for reinterpreting the objects that surround our daily lives to push the boundaries of design, challenge perspective and bring us pieces that will satisfy all the senses.
The Red or White? Wine Decanter is an important addition to his portfolio, a testament to his creative genius and free spirit.

DIMENSIONS: 1500cc , 127mm x 333mm

  • Easily move from red to white wine

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