Playful Brass Rectangular Tiered Mobile


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This playful Brass Rectangular Tiered Mobile is another version of our three-dimensional mobiles.  Perfect for catching light and playing with movement.  The two tiers of this mobile hang perpendicular to each other.  Perfect for hanging on the wall as a static art piece and of course from the ceiling to move independently.  Suspended freely to catch the changing light and dance in the slightest breeze, it’s maybe the best way to enjoy this art piece.

Most notably made with hand-cut, brushed brass sheet and wire with brass chain. Brass pieces sealed with polyurethane prevent tarnish and keep their original finish, however, polish occasionally if desired. As a result, not recommended for outdoor display.

DIMENSIONS: 31″L x 7.5″W

  • Hand-cut brass
  • Not recommended for Outdoor Display
  • Sealed with polyurethane to prevent tarnish

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