“Pure” Bourgogne Wine Glasses, Set of 4


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Give your table a dose of modern style with this set of four chic stemless red wine glasses by Nude Glass. Made of lead-free crystal, the glasses have an eye-pleasingly round silhouette. They’re durable and versatile, and will match any home decor. Buy them for yourself, or bring them as a gift to your next elegant dinner party.

Which wine glass should you use? Each of these burgundy glasses holds an ample 24 ounces, and is large enough to let your fine Malbecs, Cabernets, and Zinfandels breathe and open up every time you raise the glass to your mouth. Compared to white wine glasses, these red wine glasses actually make your vintages taste better.

  • DIMENSIONS: 4.25″ X 4.5″
  • EACH 24 FL OZ

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