Rum Infusion Cocktail Pack


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Stock up on new ways to infuse rum with this cocktail mix pack, which contains three original spice blends (two packets of each, for six total). The Citrus Blend offers subtle, lemon-focused notes for a crisp and refreshing resut, while the Mint Blend combines mint with minor notes of lemon, ginger, and Longjing green tea. The Cinnamon Blend balances the unique culinary spice of cinnamon with notes of golden fruit sweetness, and will give your next batch of mojitos, pina coladas, daiquiris, or mai tais an extra kick.

You’ll create rum cocktails you’ll never forget with these custom blends; use each of the six packets to infuse a 750ml bottle of rum with delicious notes. Become a master mixologist at home—or give this blend to a sophisticated friend who loves the art of mixology.

If you want to get started on infusing your spirits right away, we recommend using these blends with the Tour, and Lift insulated glass bottles, or the Alkemista infusion vessel. And try our custom blends for infusing whiskey to complete your liquor-cabinet upgrade.

The trick to simple delicious cocktails is rapid infusion. 1pt makes it very, very easy. Just follow these simple instructions.

What You Need

  • a 1pt Blend Packet
  • 375ml of spirits (half a standard bottle)
  • A jar, pitcher, bowl, measuring cup, or any vessel that holds at least 375ml of liquid (our 1pt Infusion Kit is purpose built for this)

What You Do

  1. Open the 1pt Blend Packet and empty ALL of the contents into your vessel
  2. Add your 375ml of spirits to that same vessel and set a timer for the Infusion Time it tells you on the 1pt Blend Packet
  3. When time’s up, use a strainer to strain the now-infused spirit liquid into a suitable bottle (again, our 1pt Bar Bottle+ is the perfect thing), discard the used infusion blend material, and reserve the infused spirit for your cocktails

That’s It
You’re done. Now just follow the simple cocktail recipe to make your infused cocktail  And enjoy

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