“Savage” Coupetini Glasses, Set of 2


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Elevate your cocktail hour with this set polished “coupetini” glasses. Part coupe glasses, part martini glasses, this pair is just the right size for a light cocktail or cordial. Each 5.75-ounce glass is made from lead-free crystal, with an eye-pleasing silhouette that will stand out on a countertop, elegantly set table, or bar trolley.

Why are these the perfect cocktail glasses? They’re crafted by master mixologist Rémy Savage, who knows a thing or two about how to serve up a satisfying cocktail. Part of the Savage collection by Nude Glass, they’ll make the perfect addition to your own glassware collection.

  • DIMENSIONS: 4″ X 6.75″
  • EACH 5.75 FL OZ

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