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A must read for anyone who loves bicycles. Packed full of bicycle culture and stories from around the world chronicling different models, Velo 3rd Gear introduces you to the world’s best and even some of the more outlandish designs that have been produced. Bikes today have evolved into high tech creations with GPS synching, buzzing handlebars and e-bikes that are able to whizz past traffic in urban centers. Along with their makers and related products this high-end, glossy, full color publication delves into the wonderful world of cycling. As well as being functional transportation, bicycles have become artworks in their own right and they also have significant cultural value. Whether it’s a custom-made, shiny, sleek creation or a cheeky, playful, fun beach expedition vehicle they are all special and beautiful in their own way.

DIMENSIONS: 24 x 28 cm

  • Bicycle culture and stories
  • Velo 3rd Gear
  • Full color
  • Comes as hardcover
  • 256 engaging pages

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