Vero Hammock


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Hammock heaven instilled with outstanding design. Seemingly simple, the Vero Hammock is handwoven in double ply cotton using an interlocking net stitch and accented by hand-crocheting detailing. Offered in Blue/Natural color block with dark walnut wood rods.
Correctly installing your hammock or swing ensures it’s functionality and will maximize your enjoyment of your product. Your NUDO product is most secure when installed on sturdy hanging sources such as studs, beams, posts, or tress. Both hammocks and swings will stretch slightly with use due to the nature of handwoven materials, please consider this evolution as you decide where to hang your new piece of furniture. For a hammock, we recommend your two hanging points to be between 13 and 16 feet apart.

Hammock pillow and attachable side pocket available separately for your comfort and convenience

  • Double-ply Cotton
  • Color: Blue/Natural Color Block
  • Walnut Rod included
  • Length 140-150” due to the nature of cotton yarn, your hammock’s length will vary slightly over time and use
  • Width 36” with brass cuffs 39.5”
  • 400lb. Capacity
  • Made by hand

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