Wild Flowers Candle


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With a delicate aroma that has been nurtured by Latvian master craftspeople, the Wild Flowers Candle has been hand poured with 100% natural, all-soy wax with a visible array of wildflowers picked from Latvia’s sun lit forests and flourishing meadows. The finest lead-free and all-cotton wick burns centrally that, over time, creates a tunnel that illuminates the blooms. Packaged in recyclable, unbleached cardboard the candle would make a wonderful gift of spiritual rejuvenation bringing warmth, beauty and a heavenly scent to any space.
Burn time: 50 hours. Before burning cut the wick to 1cm length and let it burn until most of the surface is liquid. Cut the wick to 1cm before each burn.
Fragrance: Rose

DIMENSIONS: 8 x 10 cm

  • Hand-poured
  • All-natural
  • Eco-friendly design
  • 50hrs burn time
  • Fragrance: Rose

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