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  • Premium Paris Chess Set

    Made from premium metal and stone resin, this high-end, unique chess set is perfect for the chess-playing Francophile.

    $510.00$600.00 more...
  • London Chess Set

    Check, mate. Celebrate the European capital’s most iconic buildings with the London Special Edition chess set (choice of board available).

    $125.00$305.00 more...
  • Premium London Chess Set

    For the chess-loving Anglophile, our premium metal unique chess set pays homage to London landmarks Big Ben, Canary Wharf and more.

    $510.00$600.00 more...
  • New York City Chess Set

    Bringing impeccable design to the game of chess. A very special gift!

    $125.00$305.00 more...
  • walnut domino set

    Handmade Walnut Domino Set

    Play and then display this domino set, handcrafted with recycled materials, including the beautiful walnut storage/display box.

    $210.00 more...
  • cowhide weekend bag

    Cowhide Leather Weekender Bag

    Get ready for the double-takes and the endless questions on where this cowhide weekend bag is from.

    $475.00 more...
  • Stem Zero Crystal White Wine Glass

    Lightweight, thin, and 35% stronger than everyday glass, the Stem Zero white wine glass from NUDE will impress the most discerning wine enthusiast.

    $65.00 more...
  • Large Stem Zero Crystal Red Wine Glass

    You’ll be impressed by the weight, strength and thinness of the lead-free crystal red wine glasses, from glassmaker NUDE’s Stem Zero collection.

    $65.00 more...
  • Dog Tent Bed

    With one zip, your dog has its own comfy cave with this dog tent bed, made of lightweight materials and perfect for home and travel. Available in three sizes.

    $50.00$64.50 more...
  • Persimmon Check Dog Collar

    The persimmon-red check dog collar is rugged, attractive and adjustable for comfortable fit on small, medium and big dogs.

    $34.00 more...
  • Persimmon Check Dog Leash

    The persimmon-red dog lead is durable yet lightweight and adds a touch of style and practicality to your daily walks.

    $48.00 more...
  • Glass Cocktail Mixing Beaker (24oz)

    A must-have for cocktail mixologists: the 24-oz glass mixing beaker made from ultra-durable, temperature-resistant borosilicate glass.

    $28.00 more...
  • Bedside Carafe & Glass Set

    A modern twist on the traditional bedside carafe and glass — each two-piece set is hand blown and available in five colors

    $90.00 more...
  • Holiday Classic Plush Dog Toy

    Fill Fido’s stocking with his holiday favorites.

    $9.50$14.90 more...
  • Malt Whiskey Bottle and Tray Set

    Raise a glass to our two-piece malt whiskey bottle and tray for the distinguished lover of distilled malt whiskey

    $130.00 more...
  • heavy base whiskey glass

    Heavy Bottom Malt Whiskey Glass (Set of 2)

    The finest malt whiskey deserves no less than a pair of heavy-bottom glasses, handmade from the finest lead-free crystal.

    $54.00 more...
  • Cowhide Women’s Leather Belt (Brown & White)

    The brown-and-white leather hair-on-cowhide belt fits her many styles, from boardroom sophistication to casual.

    $80.00 more...
  • Cowhide Women’s Leather Belt (Black & White)

    The black-and-white hair-on-hide leather belt fits her many styles, from rock-and-roll casual to boardroom sophistication.

    $80.00 more...
  • cowhide clutch

    Cowhide Clutch Purse (Black & White)

    A leather clutch purse like no other — hair-on-hide genuine leather with 100% cotton twill lining — the perfect accessory for her wardrobe.

    $90.00 more...
  • Sale!

    Lennon Lion Knit Hat

    Keep your little one toasty warm in our Lennon Lion Bonnet. She will be the cutest cub in the den!

    $28.00 $22.40 more...
  • Blown Glass Bowl (Set of 2)

    Designed to “float” on your table, the ultra-modern malt whiskey bowl is made from lead-free crystal (set of 2)

    $54.00 more...
  • Tray No. Nine Hundred Fifty-Four, Large

    Versatility, simplicity, and functionality at its best.

    $164.00 more...
  • Ceramic Serving Tray No. Nine Hundred Fifty-Four, Small

    Versatility, simplicity, and functionality at its best.

    $156.00 more...
  • Platform No. Two Hundred Fifty Three

    This is it… this is where Montes Doggett flourishes and it’s time to show off. Inspired by a passion to entertain, table settings and food. Let their pieces do the talking.

    $177.50 more...


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