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  • Slate Beverage Coaster

    Never have to worry about the temperature of a drink using these beautiful slate coasters.

    $27.00 more...

    Piper Small Box

    Small lidded iron box in black bronze, accented with brass.

    $225.00 more...
  • Edgar Sphere Stopper Decanter

    Clear glass bottle decanter adorned with a spherical brass stopper. Just over 30cm tall.

    $225.00 more...
  • Edgar Cube Stopper Decanter

    Globe shaped, clear glass bottle decanter with brass stopper in the shape of a cube.

    $225.00 more...
  • Edgar Ring Stopper Decanter

    Globe shaped clear glass bottle decanter with brass stopper with ring top.

    $225.00 more...
  • Barclay Vase

    Tall, rectangular vase made from solid brass with hand-etched detailing.

    $300.00 more...
  • Rashida Containers, Set of 3

    Set of three solid brass, bowl shaped, containers with polished interior.

    $420.00 more...
  • Kirby Vases, Set of 3

    Set of three ‘leaning’ vases all with an antique brass finish.

    $285.00 more...
  • Mortar & Pestle by Magnus Lundstrom

    Mortar & Pestle

    $80.00$90.00 more...
  • Buni Tray (Light)

    Eye catching tray made from genuine East African Ankole cattle horn.

    $42.00$56.00 more...
  • Solo Wine Carrier Felt

    BYOB just got better!

    Additional Color Options available

    $39.00 more...
  • Duo Wine Carrier

    A real bestie, the lightweight Duo Wine Carrier

    $69.00 more...
  • Imani Vase

    Vase made from East African Ankole cattle horn that has been cut down to size.

    $92.00$112.00 more...
  • Malia Organic Bowl

    Organic Bowl made from East African Ankole cattle horn.

    $174.00 more...
  • Skeppshult Little Swing Spice Mill

    Skeppshult Cast Iron and Walnut Spice Mill

    $75.00 more...
  • Simplicity Cast Iron Trivet

    Japanese Simplicity Cast Iron Trivet

    $95.00 more...
  • Beppu Bamboo Vase

    Beppu Bamboo Flower Vases フラワーベース

    $720.00 more...
  • Tsume Thread Scissors 

    Tsume Thread Scissors, One Piece Blue Steel

    $90.00 more...
  • Banshu Hamono Kitchen Scissors

    Japanese Utility & Kitchen Scissors

    $125.00 more...
  • Boo Oh All-In-One Leash and Harness, Dark Green

    What luxury in a dog leash / harness combination! Dark Green in small, medium and large to fit your awesome pooch or plural pooches.

    $129.00 more...
  • 11″ Round Slate Cheese Board

    Your food presentation will come alive using this beautiful round slate board.

    $48.00 more...
  • Special Edition Slate Cheese Board

    This special edition narrow slate cheese board can make your food presentation absolutely stunning.

    $36.00 more...
  • Cheese Enthusiast Tool Kit

    Maintain the look and integrity of your board simply by using this useful tool kit.

    $27.00 more...

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