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    Sterling Silver Hoop Earring on Fish Hook Wire

    For the earthy woman who appreciates simplicity and craftsmanship: a one-of-a-kind pair of hoop earrings in oxidized sterling silver.

    $120.00 $90.00 more...
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    Gold Vermeil Hoop Earrings

    Yes, yes, yes — these lightweight gold vermeil hoop earrings are so comfortable, they’ll never see the inside of your jewelry box!

    $158.00 $118.50 more...
  • Horn Bangle Bracelet

    ‘Jamala,’ Swahili for beauty, is the perfect name for this thick bangle made from repurposed African Ankole cow horn.

    $33.00 more...
  • Pamba Ankole Horn Bracelet

    Designed to stack or wear solo, the Pamba beaded bracelet is handcrafted from Ankole cow horns in eastern Africa.

    $35.00 more...
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    Beatriz Cuff Bracelet

    Intricately worked, brilliantly colored hand-laid thread cuff bracelet. The must have accessory to complete your summer wardrobe.

    $40.00 $30.00 more...
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    Natural Horn and Bronze Pendant Necklace

    In complete communion are pendants of Zebu horn and bronze creating this divine necklace.

    $160.00 $120.00 more...
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    Medium Keyhoop wire fringed designer earrings

    Summertime playfulness expressed fully in 14k wire keyhoop designer earrings

    $85.00 $63.75 more...
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    Elongated Circle Zebu Horn Earrings

    Large and Elongated Circle of Natural Zebu Horn Earrings

    $110.00 $82.50 more...
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    Zebu Horn Large Loop Designer Jewelry Earrings

    Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Simply gorgeous Natural Horn Loop Earrings.

    $150.00 $112.50 more...
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    Natural Horn Open Circle Pendant

    Stunningly and impactful natural zebu horn open circle pendant with leather cord.

    $190.00 $142.50 more...
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    Longhi Natural Horn Layering Necklace

    A sublimely fabulous offering in natural zebu horn, the Longhi is ideal for layering and combining.

    $168.75$190.00 more...
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    Fringed and striped beaded designer earrings

    High impact designer earrings of blue skies, white sails, finished with kicky fringe

    $75.00 $56.25 more...
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    Keyhoop gold wire designer earrings

    Simple but high impact keyhoop designer earrings

    $31.50$40.50 more...
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    Long glass bead designer earrings

    Impactful colors and great design compose our long, unique designer earrings

    $38.00 $28.50 more...
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    Glass Bead Hoop Designer Earrings

    Joyful and eclectic designer earrings of Japanese glass, 14K gold beads on medium, 14K wire hoops

    $38.00 $28.50 more...
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    Glass Bead Large Designer Hoop Earrings

    Sophisticated and uniquely imaginative glass and 14K gold bead, gold wire designer large hoop earrings

    $48.00 $36.00 more...
  • Sale! gold interlocking hoop earrings

    Loop Interlocking Hoops

    These unusual and fashion forward Interlocking Hoop earrings will become your go to fashion favorite piece of jewelry.

    $150.00$187.50 more...
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    Muriel Earrings

    Your embellished Muriel drop earringwill become your new statement piece of jewelry.

    $295.00 $221.25 more...
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    Wave Bangle

    Wave bangles like this are chic and elegant worn alone or stacked together.

    $146.25$180.00 more...
  • Elongated Quartz Hoop Earrings

    Genuine quartz crystals dangle from hand forged, geometric ear wires.

    $84.00 more...
  • Half Moon Hoops with Quartz Crystals

    Adorned with glimmering quartz crystals, these Half Moon Hoops are perfect for everyday wear and would be a fabulous gift for any women.

    $68.00 more...
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    Pyrite and Agate Necklace/Bracelet

    Wear as a layering Necklace or Bracelet… your choice.

    $224.00 $168.00 more...
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    Elongated Hoops

    Minimal and Elegant Hoops for all day wear

    $74.00 $55.50 more...
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    Sarah Swell Weathered Stick Stud Earrings

    Weathered Stick Studs

    $440.00 $330.00 more...


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