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  • The Buckley Oversized Clutch With Wrist Strap

    Oversized is key to this clutch. Made in England, specially chosen cowhide and luxury fittings bring this bag to fruition.

    $111.00 more...
  • The Foxley Cowhide Bag

    Luxurious and unique, roomy with attention paid to every detail, The Foxley Cowhide Handbag, highest quality hides for incomparable you!

    $268.00 more...
  • The Arlingham Overnight Bag

    From England, the finest, specially chosen cowhide designed as a luxurious, standout Overnight Bag having maximum functionality.

    $467.00 more...
  • Rakta Scarf

    Rakta is the Sanskrit word for dyed which is the key component in the achieving this scarf’s look. Beautiful tonal range.

    $295.00 more...
  • Turi Wrap / Throw

    Hand woven on a pedal loom, the Turi Throw is a heavenly combination of Merino Wool, Cashmere, Cotton.

    $775.00 more...
  • Asama Wrap / Throw

    A luxurious piece made from the softest of Nepalese cashmere and merino wool to wrap yourself up in. You simply will not want to take it off!

    $1,785.00 more...
  • Pavana Ombre Scarf

    A feather weight cashmere scarf blending a beautiful color range for any season of the year.

    $545.00 more...
  • Turi Throw

    A true wearable masterpiece utilizing heritage techniques. Handwoven on a foot pedal loom and lightly brushed out for a stunning texture and feel.

    $775.00 more...
  • Yana Scarf

    Yana travel scarves are handwoven and then over washed for a super soft feel. The edging has frayed fringe with raw detail.

    $275.00 more...
  • Sava Scarf

    Sava means both moon and sun in Sanskrit and each scarf embodies a form of this contrast.

    $325.00 more...
  • Padra Wrap / Throw

    Named after the Sanskrit word for mountain, the Padra’s design was inspired by the nomadic blankets found in the Nepalese Himalayays

    $1,795.00 more...
  • Khullu Striped Wrap / Throw

    Made from super soft and exceptionally warm hand-spun Yak Kullu collected once a year by nomadic herders.

    $1,375.00 more...
  • Ardra Cashmere Scarf

    Ardra Felted Cashmere Scarf. Offered in other color ways.

    $450.00 more...
  • Natha Cashmere Wrap and Throw

    Natha Semi-Felted Wrap andThrow – in Bone

    $1,195.00 more...
  • Chilote Natural Sheep’s Wool Unisex Indoor Slippers

    The happiest feet in the house are wearing our all natural sheep’s wool and salmon leather slippers!

    $78.00 more...
  • Gaya Scarf, Charcoal

    From the banks of the mighty Ganges, weavers in Bengal have perfected this Scarf into art form.

    $90.00 more...

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