For your little ones – magical memories – handmade and thoughtfully unique.

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  • Plush Cashmere Stuffed Horse

    Recycle Cashmere animals – Horse

    $95.00 more...
  • Snuggly Ugly Cashmere Stuffed Pig

    Up-Cycled Cashmere Pig

    $58.00 more...
  • Handmade Amelie Doll

    Limited Edition Amelie Doll

    $174.00 more...
  • Snuggly Ugly Cashmere Bear

    Up-Cycled Cashmere Bear

    $58.00 more...
  • Hand Knit Wool Finn Boy’s Baby Blanket

    Beautifully hand-knitted and breathable baby boy’s blanket.

    $378.00 more...
  • Hand Knit Wool Sofi Girl’s Baby Blanket

    Individually hand-knitted and breathable baby girl’s blanket.

    $370.00 more...
  • Chilote Baby Shoes

    Keep your babies tootsies toasty warm in our natural sheep’s wool and salmon leather slippers!

    $56.00$78.00 more...
  • Classic Helmet

    Keep your toddler safe on his adventures with this Classic Bike Helmet.

    $49.00 more...
  • First Go Push Bike

    Introduce your little one to cycling with our new First Go Push Bike!!

    $189.00 more...
  • Betty’s Handmade,Navy Baby Sweater Set, exclusive to Shinbone Alley.

    Imaginatively designed, easy care, navy blue Baby Sweater Set for the bouncing baby in your life.

    $90.00 more...
  • Betty’s Handmade Baby Sweater Set in pink, exclusive to Shinbone Alley

    Very adorable, easy-care pink sweater set for the sweetest babies in your world.

    $90.00 more...
  • Betty’s Handmade Baby Sweater set in pale mint green, exclusive to Shinbone Alley

    Simply charming hand kinit, easy care, pale mint green baby sweater set for the simply adorable babies in your world.

    $90.00 more...
  • Bank In the Form of a Pig

    Reality Pig in Reality White

    $150.00 more...

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