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  • Tequila Infusion Cocktail Pack

    Spice up your next margarita, tequila sunrise, or Paloma with custom blends you can use to infuse tequila.

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  • Vodka Infusion Cocktail Pack

    Craft a martini, cosmopolitan, White Russian, Bloody Mary, or other vodka cocktail to remember with these custom infusion blends.

    $30.00 more...
  • Infusion Bar Bottle Kit

    Essential for any home bar, this mixology set is designed to prepare cocktails with custom-infused alcohol blends.

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  • Whiskey Infusion Cocktail Pack

    Mix up a memorable Manhattan, Old Fashioned, or other whiskey cocktail with these custom infusion blends.

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  • Rum Infusion Cocktail Pack

    Create a pina colada, daquiri, or other craft rum cocktail to remember with these custom infusion blends.

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  • Alkemista – Cocktail Infusion Bottle

    Revolutionize ordinary alcohol into out-of-the-ordinary infused spirits by using the Alkemista cocktail infusion bottle!

    $70.00 more...
  • Orange Ginger Infusion Blend

    Transform ordinary liquor into handcrafted cocktails with house bitters in orange-ginger spice — dazzle the crafted cocktail lovers next time you entertain!

    $10.00 more...
  • House Bitters Infusion Blend

    Turn everyday alcohol into delicious spirits with house bitters — the perfect addition to your gift set for the mixologists on your shopping list.

    $10.00 more...
  • Infusion Blends: Flavor Black Denim

    Our Infusion Blends makes it simple to revamp your ordinary drink into a phenomenal cocktail.

    $9.99 more...
  • Rise Insulated Infusion Bottle

    Here’s a stylish way to drink your hot teas, smoothies, flavored waters, and even infused cocktails, wherever you sip.

    $29.95 more...
  • Lift Insulated Infusion Bottle

    If you like infused teas, smoothies, flavored waters, and cocktails, you’ll love this stylish glass bottle with infuser filter.

    $39.95 more...

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