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  • “Mr. & Mrs.” Bedside Water Set

    Wake up to a friendly face with this amusing bedside water carafe set.

    $98.00 more...
  • “Shade” Whiskey Decanter

    This one-of-kind crystal whiskey bottle has a stopper shaped like a skull.

    $135.00 more...
  • “Balance” Wine Decanter

    This unique red wine decanter rests at an angle on its wooden base, helping aerate your fine Burgundys and Cabarnets.

    $125.00 more...
  • Lab Decanter

    This wine or whiskey decanter has sleek lines that go with any decor. It’s durable and functional, too.

    $38.00 more...
  • Bedside Carafe & Glass Set

    A modern twist on the traditional bedside carafe and glass — each two-piece set is hand blown and available in five colors

    $90.00 more...
  • Malt Whiskey Bottle and Tray Set

    Raise a glass to our two-piece malt whiskey bottle and tray for the distinguished lover of distilled malt whiskey

    $130.00 more...
  • Reflection Decanter

    Elevate your décor

    $350.00 more...
  • Nude Red or White Wine Decanter

    Handmade wine decanter by Ron Arad. Made with lead-free crystal glass.

    $205.00 more...
  • Nude Red, White or Water Carafe

    Handmade water carafe by Ron Arad. Made with lead-free crystal glass.

    $185.00 more...
  • Nude Mr. & Mrs. Bedside Water Carafe Set

    Amusing water jug with integrated glass tumbler. Look closely for the etching.

    $78.00 more...
  • Camp Whiskey Carafe

    Minimalist, Modern, Surprising Copper Base

    $443.00 more...
  • Alba Whiskey Decanter, Tall & Short

    Timeless Design, Hand carved Decanter. Two size and style options available.

    $400.00 more...
  • Edgar Sphere Stopper Decanter

    Clear glass bottle decanter adorned with a spherical brass stopper. Just over 30cm tall.

    $225.00 more...
  • Edgar Cube Stopper Decanter

    Globe shaped, clear glass bottle decanter with brass stopper in the shape of a cube.

    $225.00 more...
  • Edgar Ring Stopper Decanter

    Globe shaped clear glass bottle decanter with brass stopper with ring top.

    $225.00 more...

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